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Anyone else find it too hard to see on the new map?...

EchorionEchorion Member Posts: 1,883

I've been finding it too hard to see; it's so dark and there are bushes everywhere. Unlike the fields map which has contrast and collumns breaking it up, or like Spirit's map where they are scattered and it's a little lighter overall- this map is so dark that the entire center area of the map around the main structure; is 100% blindness for me.

I know people need a place to hide; but I watched someone moving for a solid 10 seconds staring at them point blank before I could even make out it was a person. Just crouching like 5ft in front of me; spinning in a circle even the animation didn't make them visible enough.

I like everything else about the map a lot but it's too dark; I had to adjust my monitor just for that map to make it functional for me.


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