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Clipping into Generator in Sanctum of Wrath when kicking

DeathwingDuckDeathwingDuck Member Posts: 24

This happened on Legion but I feel like this could happen on any killer, in the center of the new map on that one generator at the top, I clipped into it after kicking it and got stuck. One of the survivors was kind enough to come up and let me hit them to get free aftewards I ended up on the lower ground area. You can see it happen in this highlight, thankfully it happened while I was streaming.


  • crowscythe13crowscythe13 Member Posts: 14

    This isn’t just for the new map it apparently every gen because I was playing ghost face on auto haven and got stuck like that after kicking a gen twice in the same match on auto haven.

  • crowscythe13crowscythe13 Member Posts: 14

    Different gens

  • DeathwingDuckDeathwingDuck Member Posts: 24

    If that's the case uh... I kinda don't want to play killer until that's fixed. you can't expect someone to be generous enough to make you unstuck and with the coming DC penalty (apparently it's being implemented the 5th?) you'll get 5 minutes time out for leaving.

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