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Killer Idea: The Phobia

Critical_FishCritical_Fish Member Posts: 145
edited December 2019 in Creations

Appearance: A tall, thin shadow, with a spiked whip as a weapon.

Terror Radius: 40 meters

Speed: 120% (4.8 m/s)

Ability: Anxious Grasp

Holding m2 for 1 second will launch the Phobia forwards for up to 3 seconds (140% speed while charging.) The Phobia can pass through walls while charging forwards. After charging, the Phobia is slowed to 100% for 1 second, and cannot attack during that time. The charge can only be used once every 15 seconds.

The Terror Radius of the Phobia is decreased by 4 meters for each attack landed while in a chase. This stops at 8 meters. The speed of the Phobia is decreased by 1% for each attack missed while in a chase. Once the Phobia moves at 115%, the charge timer is reduced to 5 seconds.

Iridescent Add-Ons:

Sharp Shadow - Survivors within 4 meters of where the Phobia travels while charging are injured by one health-state. The speed of the Phobia is reduced to 116%, and cannot reduce.

Hidden Shadow - Charge speed is reduced to 125% speed. Time to launch into a charge is tremendously increased. The Phobia's Terror Radius is reduced to 8 meters and cannot change. The Phobia's Speed is slightly reduced.

Teachable Perks:

Agoraphobia - You become obsessed with one Survivor. For each Survivor within 8/12/16 meters of the obsession, all Survivors have their action speeds reduced by 12%.

Athazagoraphobia - For every 30 seconds a Survivor is injured, downed, or hooked, that Survivor loses 1/1.5/2% repair speeds. For every 45/55/60 seconds a Survivor is uninjured, they gain .5% healing speeds. This resets each time that Survivor is injured.

Nyctophobia - For each unfinished generator, Survivors move 1/2/3% slower. If no generators are completed, injured Survivors are Broken.

This does not stack.

Thank you for reading this! Feedback would be highly appreciated!

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  • GeneralSpudmuffinGeneralSpudmuffin Member Posts: 309

    Interesting character, though feels a little too close to Nurse with even bigger drawbacks. Try reworking the power a little more, give it something a bit more interesting. Something revolving around fear.

  • Critical_FishCritical_Fish Member Posts: 145
    edited December 2019

    Any ideas would be great. I did think of the fear thing, which is why the stat changes are there for the secondary effect. The Charge is just meant to be a nice movement option. Also, it isn't as good as Nurse for a reason. The Phobia is 120% speed at base, after all. If it was as good at movement as Nurse, it'd be more op than Nurse.

    Anyways, I did slightly buff the power's stats. The speed of charge, the length of time inbetween charges, etc.

  • GeneralSpudmuffinGeneralSpudmuffin Member Posts: 309

    Not bad, I like the changes... Though if he's supposed to be the aspect of fear, his TR should probably grow bigger instead of shrink. That way, his dark presence can be felt even more(as well as an TR perks you bring along)

  • Critical_FishCritical_Fish Member Posts: 145

    I was thinking, as it got smaller the Jump-Scare potential of the Phobia increases, the scarier it'll get.

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