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The September 2020 Developer Update is now available.

Really BAD killer RANKING SYSTEM!!

We all know the game is really unbalanced, but developers aren't doing anything toavoid this.

A lot of killers need a rework because they are too weak...

Since the game is unbalanced, the damn reank system is the only thing that may help you to smile or have fun, rewarding you with pips in case of good playing against gen rusher or OP survivor perks


Playing killer makes you really mad when you get a high rank because of premades, survivor op add-ons and perks.

You don't get a pip if u kill the whole team because one guy disconnects... including when 4 or 5 gens are not completed

You derank if you kill 3 people, slugging, camping and tunnelling due to EXTREME GEN RUSHING!!

You are forced to play like a ba***rd if you want to do something good

What do you think? Does the KILLER rank system need a change? (survivor rank system is ok for me, i am both survivor and killer player) What would you suggest to improve it? Will the developer balance more the game?


  • ElPiloto737ElPiloto737 Member Posts: 2

    I suggest to rework the Deviousness emblem, base the rank system on the nuber of the kills and a system which is able to understand your good gaming when you do less kills in a game

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