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Another BS map

Yet again another horrible map its so dark it looks amazing, but trying to find a survivor in it is close to impossible (its even worse if they playing Claudette or adam) on top of that its is so easy to lose a survivor around that middle temple area jump into the grass n like they go invisible.

the the whole map is dark u cant see [BAD WORD] (if its adam n Claudette yh good luck you will never find them).


  • MissKitty95MissKitty95 Member Posts: 97
    edited December 3

    I love the map it gives a very erry feeling especially the weird heads

  • terumisanterumisan Member Posts: 493

    Never been there yet but from what I've seen on ptb streams it didn't look fun to find survivors in

  • WeederickWeederick Member Posts: 753

    Yep, played it 4 times already and its one of the most survivorsided maps. Matt walker pls

  • Divine_ConfettiDivine_Confetti Member Posts: 321

    My first impression is that it's a wee bit dark. Have yet to play it as killer though.

  • DevourOfSaltDevourOfSalt Member Posts: 209

    Your lucky lol, iv had few games on it now and its horrible map to play as killer, nearly impossible to find people and when you do, if they manage to get to middle temple area of map lol, just walk away the moment they drop into that grass it like they rang wraith bell n disappeared 😂

    Yeh i didn't want say it was survivor side or you know the horde would come rushing into this post crying lol.

    But yh so far 100% survivor side dont even need pallet when u can just run into the darkness n disappear like the wind

  • WeederickWeederick Member Posts: 753

    You can hide everywhere and it has the best jungle gyms in the game. The pallets are all safe and ofc, it is super big. Fire the map designer already

  • EchorionEchorion Member Posts: 368

    I was chasing a survivor in dark clothing; and I don't know how not to sound racist but also a dark complexion lets say- and they turned invisible in the grass. Even looking right at them, I knew they were there cause I blocked them in it's the only reason I know, but on my screen it was litterally all just a shade of dark that was beyond any visual recognition.

  • Kind_LemonKind_Lemon Member Posts: 635

    You may decide to completely ignore what I have to say, but that's out of my control. The map is not objectively survivor sided. It's the smallest or at least one of the smallest maps in the game, and small maps are incredibly easy to manage as killer. No killer should have any issue getting to survivor positions. If anything, the map is too bright, like all the other maps, in which any player can see a Dwight from across the map. The map that comes to mind as most egregious in this aspect is Shelter Woods.

    If any killer is having trouble against survivors who may or may not be using stealth perks, consider using the tools at your disposal such as Sloppy Butcher and Bloodhound, or Stridor, or any other close-range tracking perk. I would suggest Spies from the Shadows, but I cannot because of the cooldown on the perk.

    Try some stuff out before making bold claims! I, for one, may change my mind in the future, but this is my stance as of right now.

  • camgamingcamgaming Member Posts: 106

    @DevourOfSalt nivida is great to use

  • DevourOfSaltDevourOfSalt Member Posts: 209

    If i was pc player i might agree with but i play on console

  • DevourOfSaltDevourOfSalt Member Posts: 209

    Your all good its true tho dark clothes, Claudette and adam are some of most annoying survivors to deal with because that have such dark clothing they just sit down and vanish.

    But i wasn't just them because how dark the whole map is i was have trouble keeping eyes on other survivors all the grass n tress plus how dark it is makes it very hard to find them and harder to keep chase

  • EchorionEchorion Member Posts: 368

    Yeah those two are the ones I am talking about as well, they literally just turned invisible essentially. Without an aura perk of somekind, it's just game set.

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