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All of onis issues (console)

DarthRaneDarthRane Member Posts: 198
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His base kit is incredibly weak now.

You don't get hardly any orbs from survivors.

The flick that PC users get to have so much fun with is completely non existent on console. (Personally I'm fine with that)

It's border line impossible to take advantage of his dash. Because you get virtually zero turn ability on consoles before I would have argued he's better than Billy but now with the recharge rate and charge rate to even get going I don't think that's the case

His pallet break with club is just barely better than the normal pallet break due to now being forced to have to fully charge to break the pallet

You can no longer hit through borrowed time, this wouldn't be so much an issue if it wasn't for the fact that you already nerfed his whole kit. You could have AT LEAST kept that.

I haven't used his add ons yet cause I wanted to see how bad his base kit is and it's just terrible now compared to what it was.

Hag, plague, spirit, nurse, clown, demo, ghostface Freddy (now) are decent killers without add ons Oni. Barely even competes with any killers without any add ons atm.

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