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The New Legion Changes

These changes for Legion this patch were... detrimental. The speed increases were nice touch ups they definitely needed, but everything else was just unneeded. The lowered mending times are taking away the minimal slowdown Legion had while giving nothing else. The Deep Wounds changes have to be some of the worst though. It makes no sense logically that a "deep wound" doesn't deplete while running. Running, if anything, should increase a Deep Wound, not halt it. Deep Wounds is literally infinite if you simply just keeping running. And another blow is the "FF is no longer a basic attack." This removed any combo potential or synergy with their power and has left them with essentially nothing. With all the nerfs to FF and Deep Wounds reaching a new low of threatening, FF is essentially becoming a glorified basic attack. I was extremely hopeful for this chapter giving a Legion a bump up, when it has done nothing but throw them into the ground. I'm not trying to bash the devs here, but these are absolutely abysmal changes I can't believe got past the testing phase. This isn't even touching on his mostly useless addons or absolutely absurd cooldown. Please devs look more into Legion or at least look into some of the changes suggested here. There have been many great ideas shared, and they all sound like they would be fantastic additions. PLEASE listen to some of the feedback for here.


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