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Buff oni

The oni was perfect in the ptb, but now its just a mess

My suggesionts for a buff:

-Make his sprint turns better

-Improve his hitboxes, he has this huge knife but his lungue is like hags

-Make his power weapon control better when hitting survivors

-Let us hit survivors after sprinting without the need of that fatigue


  • Toxicity23Toxicity23 Member Posts: 318
    edited December 2019

    The Oni released exactly as he was from the PTB actually. *at least, I think.*

    • His Sprint turns are to prevent both The Oni and The Hillbilly from ALWAYS running at a higher speed. It's there as a handicap for a reason. It's to prevent Survivors from NEVER escaping killer that goes 'fast as [BAD WORD] boi' with a Exposed effect on the Chainsaw/Spiky Baton thingy the 2 killers use.
    • His lunge doesn't seem any different, however, Survivor hitboxes are actually to blame here.
    • Wym? I've seen people handle his Spike Baton just fine. Infact, it's not any different to the normal katana.
    • This would make The Oni OP. It's to punish the Killer for not hitting anyone with a sprint. If this buff was implemented, people would just use this to go across the map and ALWAYS get a free hit during chases. Again: Handicaps are there to balance the killer. If you remove them, it will make them too strong.

    I honestly think The Oni is good exactly where he is.

    He looks like a wonderfully fun killer.

    He's extremely powerful, and viable, containing aspects of the Hillbilly.

    He's balanced, I don't see any crippling drawbacks or OP abilities that make his status too strong or weak.

    All 3 aspects I feel were achieved with this killer. I may be missing something, since I have yet to play him, however, I do feel confident BHVR actually did a good with this killer. He wasn't painfully weak in the PTB at first, so that's a plus!

    (Thank god, I don't want the Garbageface accident to happen again.)

  • ThatbrownmonsterThatbrownmonster Member Posts: 1,578

    Oh I got no problem saying the killer is balanced, but I still feel it he needs tweaks

    Or maybe I just had too many bad games in a row with him, because hitboxes with him seems terrible, where his power weapon most of the time hits a tiny pixel of an object instead of the survivor

  • monkamonka Member Posts: 60

    TheONI should be PTB style.

    No problem. Why did you change it?

    Look at the region.

    How much do you intend to make the same mistake?

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 7,047
    edited December 2019

    "Wym? I've seen people handle his Spike Baton just fine. Infact, it's not any different to the normal katana."

    His club is extremely unwieldy when charging it for a one-shot. At least, in my opinion. It is definitely different from the katana.

    I don't mind the handicap for attacking when running, but I don't like how unwieldy the club is when not running. The running is nice, but landing a hit with the club feels like a struggle. Even when I'm not trying to go for a one shot and just want a basic attack because someone is already injured, even that feels gimped because if I'm not in range for a simple tap attack, I can't rely on a lunge because the turning while prepping a lunge with the club feels painfully stiff. It feels like the amount of fighting with the controls I am doing while using the club just makes me want to just stick to M1ing because then my worst enemy is not the controls.

  • LULKEKLULKEK Member Posts: 82
  • TerminalEntropyTerminalEntropy Member Posts: 71

    Wait, what fatigue after sprinting? His running is surprisingly reliable when you steer him with WASD+Mouse and he can end sprint with an insta down that actually allows him to turn even faster. Where's the problem?

  • ASpazNamedSteveASpazNamedSteve Member Posts: 1,501

    I think he was OP in the beta, right now I think he's actually pretty well balanced (so far, still early days).

    Seems strong yet not too strong to me.

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