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Buff oni

The oni was perfect in the ptb, but now its just a mess

My suggesionts for a buff:

-Make his sprint turns better

-Improve his hitboxes, he has this huge knife but his lungue is like hags

-Make his power weapon control better when hitting survivors

-Let us hit survivors after sprinting without the need of that fatigue


  • Toxicity23Toxicity23 Member Posts: 265
    edited December 3

    The Oni released exactly as he was from the PTB actually. *at least, I think.*

    • His Sprint turns are to prevent both The Oni and The Hillbilly from ALWAYS running at a higher speed. It's there as a handicap for a reason. It's to prevent Survivors from NEVER escaping killer that goes 'fast as [BAD WORD] boi' with a Exposed effect on the Chainsaw/Spiky Baton thingy the 2 killers use.
    • His lunge doesn't seem any different, however, Survivor hitboxes are actually to blame here.
    • Wym? I've seen people handle his Spike Baton just fine. Infact, it's not any different to the normal katana.
    • This would make The Oni OP. It's to punish the Killer for not hitting anyone with a sprint. If this buff was implemented, people would just use this to go across the map and ALWAYS get a free hit during chases. Again: Handicaps are there to balance the killer. If you remove them, it will make them too strong.

    I honestly think The Oni is good exactly where he is.

    He looks like a wonderfully fun killer.

    He's extremely powerful, and viable, containing aspects of the Hillbilly.

    He's balanced, I don't see any crippling drawbacks or OP abilities that make his status too strong or weak.

    All 3 aspects I feel were achieved with this killer. I may be missing something, since I have yet to play him, however, I do feel confident BHVR actually did a good with this killer. He wasn't painfully weak in the PTB at first, so that's a plus!

    (Thank god, I don't want the Garbageface accident to happen again.)

  • ThatbrownmonsterThatbrownmonster Member Posts: 699

    Oh I got no problem saying the killer is balanced, but I still feel it he needs tweaks

    Or maybe I just had too many bad games in a row with him, because hitboxes with him seems terrible, where his power weapon most of the time hits a tiny pixel of an object instead of the survivor

  • monkamonka Member Posts: 23

    TheONI should be PTB style.

    No problem. Why did you change it?

    Look at the region.

    How much do you intend to make the same mistake?

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 4,381
    edited December 4

    "Wym? I've seen people handle his Spike Baton just fine. Infact, it's not any different to the normal katana."

    His club is extremely unwieldy when charging it for a one-shot. At least, in my opinion. It is definitely different from the katana.

    I don't mind the handicap for attacking when running, but I don't like how unwieldy the club is when not running. The running is nice, but landing a hit with the club feels like a struggle. Even when I'm not trying to go for a one shot and just want a basic attack because someone is already injured, even that feels gimped because if I'm not in range for a simple tap attack, I can't rely on a lunge because the turning while prepping a lunge with the club feels painfully stiff. It feels like the amount of fighting with the controls I am doing while using the club just makes me want to just stick to M1ing because then my worst enemy is not the controls.

  • LULKEKLULKEK Member Posts: 56
  • TerminalEntropyTerminalEntropy Member Posts: 68

    Wait, what fatigue after sprinting? His running is surprisingly reliable when you steer him with WASD+Mouse and he can end sprint with an insta down that actually allows him to turn even faster. Where's the problem?

  • ASpazNamedSteveASpazNamedSteve Member Posts: 1,016

    I think he was OP in the beta, right now I think he's actually pretty well balanced (so far, still early days).

    Seems strong yet not too strong to me.

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