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Killer Concept: The Chelsea

Cell_PurpleCell_Purple Member Posts: 18
edited December 2019 in Creations

Speed: 115%

Terror radius: 32m

Aesthetic: A slender figure with a pale face, glowing eyes, and a bloody ear-to-ear chelsea smile (aka glasgow smile), wields a bloodied sickle.

Backstory (I’ll try to keep it brief): A mentally ill blacksmith’s assistant who was treated poorly throughout his entire life, constantly belittled for his condition and his day to day struggles because of it. The abysmal treatment from customers and his elder alike drove him over the edge, the constant pressure to do something useful with his life despite him lacking the means to do so, and garnering no help, caused him to snap and attack 3 loyal patrons, brutally murdering them. Before finishing each kill, he carved a permanent bloody smile across their cheeks with the nearest blacksmith tool he could find, a sickle, muttering to himself ‘laugh at me now’, before committing the same mutilation to his own face. Upon fleeing the scene, still bleeding profusely from the face, a thick fog enveloped him.

Ability- Smiles all round: (Power gauge based) The Chelsea gains a terror radius of 0m upon activation and the power gauge begins to deplete, when the ability is active, normal attacks can be performed with M1, or a Chelsea stab can be performed with M2. Performing a Chelsea stab will deplete the power gauge and the affected target will obtain the ‘Chelsea’ status effect.

Chelsea status effect: Survivors gain a 20m terror radius for 60 seconds, other survivors that enter this terror radius scream in horror and have their aura revealed to you. The 60 second timer only begins when the survivor escapes your terror radius, but other survivors can still scream if they are within the radius of the affected survivor while in a chase.

Iridescent add-ons:

-Shock Horror- Survivors that scream in horror suffer the exposed status effect for 4 seconds.

-Contagious Smile- Applying the Chelsea status effect to a survivor will remove your terror radius for as long as the effect lasts.

Teachable perks:

-Amateur touch - Failing a skill check on a generator will afflict the survivor with the deep wound status effect. (Only affects the survivor that failed the skill check)

-Hex: Misery loves company- Spawn 2 hex totems on the map, when one is cleansed, survivors within 30m are afflicted with the oblivious status effect, the effect is only removed when the second totem is cleansed. (If used with The Chelsea, survivors can still hear terror radius’ created by the Chelsea status effect, and thus are still prone to having their auras revealed).

-Malevolent lock- If there is one survivor left, the malevolent lock prevents the hatch from being opened for 40 seconds.

(Sidenote: This is my first concept on these forums so I’m not too sure how this would work in game and I am open to any feedback)

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