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Camping and tunneling is not a strategy

Camping and tunneling is pure toxic behavior, the sooner you realize this and fix it, the faster your game will grow, a way to fix tunneling is have ds stay active if you get downed while the timer is going so killers dont just down and wait it out, and for camping simply make it so if the survivor on the hook is in terror radius for most/all of the hook time they dont go into struggle if first hook(and the timer pauses) and dont die if second, but only if the killers terror radius is on the survivor for 80% of the hook time. In conclusion, the main thing ruining this game is camping and tunneling and with a fix will not only make current players happen, but will bring new and old retired players back


  • thatcarbonfoxthatcarbonfox Member Posts: 89

    Or if the camping one is "to harsh"(its not) then just make it so the survivor dont depip or lose items on death

  • Deviation89Deviation89 Member Posts: 1

    Definitely needs some form of anti-camp mechanism.. Just ruins the game!

  • UistreelUistreel Member Posts: 429

    This made my brain rot

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