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Decisive Strike Needs One Buff...

DetailedDetrimentDetailedDetriment Member Posts: 2,632
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I know what you may be thinking, "DS is already way too powerful." But listen. As DS stands, it is a perk used to escape the killer's grasp through succeeding a skill-check available if being tunneled or you get picked up within 40/50/60 seconds after being unhooked. This is great; this part of the perk is absolutely fine.

Then what's wrong you may ask? Well, what if the killer brings in a Mori and you have DS ready to go? Well...you're screwed.

I've had so many games where I go against a tunneling killer with an Ivory or Ebony yet my DS is activated.

What I think should be added is the ability to succeed a skill-check to prevent a Mori when the perk is active, successfully preventing the killer from Mori tunneling. The stun would be 10 seconds, giving you some actual distance.

I just think this would be a welcome addition to prevent killers from bringing in ivories to tunnel down and mori the survivor that gave them the hardest time.

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