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Major issue causing corrupt game on PS4 Pro as well as some bugs since the update on PS4

kisfenkinkisfenkin Member Posts: 141

Due to the update the game was corrupted on my son's PS4 Pro. He tried all of the normal methods of fixing the issue like rebuilding the database and restoring licenses to his content. After performing the license restore the game acted like it wasn't updated so he had to download the update again, which in turn put him back into the corrupt status. He has since deleted the game, reinstalled the game, and now it is doing the exact same thing, this is the error he gets:

"Cannot start the application.

The data is corrupted. Delete the application from the PS4 and then download it again from [Library] on the home screen"

Please advise, as he cannot play ONLY Dead by Daylight now. He can still get online on other games and they work fine.

Of lesser note but still concerning:

In two matches today I encountered some very strange teleporting. First, in Hawkins, after grabbing a survivor off a chest on the top floor and dropping them the survivor teleported to the floor below, and we weren't anywhere near the hole or the stairs. I know this because I was playing scratch mirror-shape to get grabs. Later in the same match I grabbed someone off a totem on the main floor, and dropped them, then they teleported into the basement! We were several rooms from there so this was ridiculous.

My next match I was playing Freddy, and I downed a Tapp three times. He totally disappeared on me two times and I can only guess he was being knocked into the basement.


  • kisfenkinkisfenkin Member Posts: 141
    edited December 2019

    Update: We were able to fix the corruption. After trying all of those options above I found a similar problem on google for Metal Gear Solid V and they suggested deleting your profile and re-adding it to the playstation.

    This solution worked. After deleting the profile, and logging in again, he downloaded the update and now the game works.

    The cost was all of his save data for every single game might not be downloadable from the cloud. So this issue is still important to figure out.

    If you have this issue I would try the profile deletion first, but REMEMBER to backup your saves to the cloud!

    EDIT: Also remember to figure out how to save your pictures for your trophies if you want them. My son lost all his pictures which is a huge deal for him, and not just for DbD. He has nearly 100% for everything DbD 1 and 2, only missing a couple of the newest trophies like the 250 protection hits one.

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