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Red Forest window cannot be vaulted in Feral Frenzy

EdysEdys Member Posts: 734

Platform: PS4

Description and step to reproduce: there’s a little 2 stories shack in Red Wood map, with a window at ground level and one at the first floor. While in Feral Frenzy Legion is unable to vault the ground window from the outside: he tries to vault, but ends up in the same spot.

It's the same bug we had a few months ago in a lot of windows - so maybe the bug has returned altogether?

How often does it occur: I tried only in one game and it was 100% of the time. I can't test it by myself, but I think this will be a very common bug, since it's the same we had a few months ago in a lot of windows, not just the Red Forest one.


  • EdysEdys Member Posts: 734


    sorry if I tag you but I don't know if this sub forum is ever read by anyone, and it seems like an important bug to report.

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