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Killers taking advantage of the basement bug.

At this point I’m calling this an exploit. I can’t play a few game on PS4 without a killer purposely using this to bug. I play SWF we try staying away from basement and I’ve even gone out of my way to directly message the killer. It’s basically a 1v3 or 1v2 after getting taken to the basement.

I just had a game were my friend couldn’t get out the basement and the spirit knew this to her advantage and tunneled and slugged to people because she knows he is disability ATM. We directed him out the basement and the spirit came back picked him up took him back in the basement, but she didn’t hook him she drop in the corner. Finally it he could see again so I went to pick him up the corner was bugged and I didn’t know that. I pick him up and we both we’re stuck in the corner unable to move.


  • supersonic853supersonic853 Member Posts: 2,489

    I know about this bug i dont abuse it but if i down you near the basement am i supposed to just let you go if theres no other hooks nearby?

  • PrettyFaceKatePrettyFaceKate Member Posts: 1,704

    There are challenges that require hooking in the basement. And depending on hook spawns and downed survivor location, the basement might be the forced option or simply the smart strategy even absent bugs.

    There's little way to prove that someone knows about the bug and there's no way to reasonably punish someone for using a game feature (infinite mending Legions may disagree, but you know, the Devs have a blast with anything Legion-related).

    This one is on BHVR. Introducing such a colossal bug right after they had a PTB just reeks of grotesque.

  • vossler25vossler25 Member Posts: 416

    Survivors exploit 2:18 games, what's your point?

  • ThisLadyRightHereThisLadyRightHere Member Posts: 195
    edited December 2019

    There were several hooks right near the basement and they still choose the basement. I’ve even gone out of my way to directly message the killer before the match start. “The basement is glitched/ bugged please do not hook anyone in the basement.”

    I’m just reporting the killer that were warned because I give them a heads up and sent screenshots to them to do not hook in the basement at the moment. They responded back with “I know”.

  • HeHeBoiiHeHeBoii Member Posts: 507

    It makes me wonder how does this get through QA?

    also when the Oni kicks a gen, at times he can get frozen in it.

  • MegaWaffleMegaWaffle Member Posts: 4,173

    Can't speak for all killers (as I'm sure some are abusing it) but we have a couple rift challenges that require basement hooking AND basement hooks are the strongest hooks in the game.

    Can't say they are all abusing it.

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