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Bring back Ranks in the Lobby.

ThisLadyRightHereThisLadyRightHere Member Posts: 195
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As a Rank 1 Survivor I would like to know my random teammates ranks. I’ll admit I’m a lobby dodger If I see you as a Rank 8 or 10 with a level 38 character/ Rank 17 look brand new to the game I’m leaving the lobby to find a better one. I’m here to play the game not be frustrating with baby survivors on peanut brains doing dumb stuff. My mentality can’t handle scrubs. It is my biggest pet peeve when it comes to video games. Before I play a game I learn as much about it before the game only I play with 2-3hrs I’m decent after a couple days 1-5days you couldn’t even tell if I’m new or not.

I had a Feng today who refused to heal me, after I just got picked up from being slugging on the ground. First she walking across the map to get me instead of running and She wants me to run to the Exit Gate injured even though the killer is CLEARLY literally standing in the door way waiting for me. I’m asking to be fully healed so I can just run pass him. The killers has no NOED and she refuses and wants to try and body block when that not gonna work. I died to ENDGAME because I couldn’t get out. The other door wasn’t even open because she didn’t bother to open the second gate. Taking a sweet little time meanwhile EGC timer is going down. Comes to find out post game trial she Rank 12.

Me and my friend are both rank 1 survivor and we are getting rank 9s,11s, and 17s against a Red Rank Killers.


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