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DbD needs something like Opereation health

So any person can see this chapter has broke a lot, and unfortunately it’s been the basic trend so far this year. Dedicated servers are still wonky and unreliable, each chapter breaks more than it fixes, q times are horrid at high ranks for survivors (watch any twitch stream). Hit boxes are all over the place.

If if anyone is familiar with Rainbow 6 Siege, it had a similar problem. The game was in a bad state in 2017, players knew it, and the devs responded. Instead of continuing releasing content, they purely focused an entire season (basically the same time frame as chapter releases in DbD) to the game’s health. Bug fixes, gameplay improvement and overall game polish. Dead by daylight needs this badly, it’s in a very sorry spot. I’m tired of taking 5-10 minutes for a survivor game just to be hit 30ft through a window. I’m tired of survivors tanking hatchets only to hit a tree and down them. That’s not even getting on to the topic of bugs.

So please BHVR, focus on game health for the next few months. I don’t need shiny new things, I just want what I already have to work correctly.

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