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With regards to Error 112, we apologise that this error is still affecting our players and can assure you it is receiving our attention. Please bear with us and we will update with more information when we can.

Temporary workaround for basement blindness bug.

If your experience is like mine, those filthy cheaters are getting as many exploits in as they can before the bug gets fixed. I faced about 50 games yesterday and somewhere around 45 of them had basement hookings. In my opinion Behaviour should not have said they were not going to work on banning people for this bug, because that was like saying it is okay to cheat using this bug.

Anyway, if you have been the victim of cheating killers, there is a small chance you can find some relief, though it is not likely. My son and I play together, so we figured out that if one of us is dead we can view the other player and almost have normal movement, though you can't interact with anything. If you are playing with someone else you are with they could also come down to the basement and guide you out, to the top of the steps. You could also have a person on voice chat guide you though I expect this will be much more difficult.

ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS FALL! If you can get yourself to fall any distance, it fixes the bug. So that filthy killer that thinks he doesn't have to worry about getting you killed anymore can get the shock of his life when you get out and finish those gens.

Good luck!


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