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Returning after not playing for over 8 months

SpectrobyssSpectrobyss Member Posts: 31

Any new perks I should watch out for? What's the meta? I'm talking both sides here.


  • Creepingcam1070Creepingcam1070 Member Posts: 316

    Its kinda the same for killer BBQ and Ruin are still the meta but I have been noticing a lot more people using PGTW. On survivor side after the undetectable status effect was added lots of people have been using Spine Chill more. But that's all I can really say.

  • FibijeanFibijean Member Posts: 8,289
    edited December 2019

    The meta hasn't really been shaken up recently. I guess the only "new" perk to watch out for that I can think of is the reworked Decisive Strike, which now operates on a 60-second cooldown after being unhooked.

    The meta for Survivors currently favours an aggressive build. Popular perks are Adrenaline, Decisive Strike, Borrowed Time, and an exhaustion perk of the player's choice (usually Dead Hard, Lithe or Sprint Burst). Unbreakable is also making its way up there due to the increasing prevalence of slugging.

    Iron Will and Spine Chill are strong perks and considered by many to be meta, but they favour a stealthy playstyle which is not considered as strong a strategy as boldness and aggression.

    Current meta perks for Killers are Ruin (considered compulsory by many), Pop Goes the Weasel and Barbecue and Chili. Other game-slowing perks such as Thanatophobia and Dying Light are also popular as a counter to fast generator repair speeds. The Killer meta is less set in stone than the Survivor, because it depends somewhat on which killer you're playing as.

    Currently, Freddy and Spirit are basically the undisputed strongest killers. Below that it gets a bit murky, but most people consider Hag and Hillbilly pretty near the top. Opinions on Nurse are divided since her recent rework. The Oni is shaping up to be a very strong killer, but he's been out less than a week so his position in the tier lists hasn't been cemented yet.

  • premiumRICEpremiumRICE Member Posts: 702

    Meta perks: Dead hard, Decisive Strike, Borrowed Time, Iron Will, Unbreakable.

    Meta Killer: Stealth/Undetectable killers with thanatophobia and nurse's calling

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