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A New Way Of The Devs Deciding How To Balance A Killer

FearlessHunterFearlessHunter Member Posts: 360
edited December 2019 in General Discussions

Obviously this is my opinion but the devs should do a survey on why players are complaining about certain killers. I mentioned this in another post about a nurse rework. The devs need to listen on to WHAT MAKES a killer less fun to play from the PLAYERS, example is that nurses base kit got nerfed and the only problem was her addons and no one asked for a base kit nerf. Here are some examples.

Dev Survey

Hello Players of the fog. We have heard a lot of complaints about these specific killers recently. Please tick only ONE of these boxes as to why it's unfun to go against them. Here are the options.


Her lunge is too long considering her power

Her addons are not fun to go against and tremendously tip the balance of the game in her favour

She is impossible to escape from

If none of these options are valid to you please write below what your problem with the nurse is

Freddy (The Nightmare)

His slow down potential is too great

He has too many snares

I don't like fake pallets


She has no warning on when she is using her power during a chase

She can easily hear survivors during phasing

These are just examples, don't think I actually want those nerfs to happen, also the nurse one is pre nerfed nurse in case your wondering. :)

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