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Some of The Problems With Your Game

FeleasFeleas Member Posts: 85
edited December 2019 in Feedback and Suggestions

I used to enjoy playing Killer a lot, but lately your game has gotten more and more broken.

First let me give you some context. I grew up with depression years ago that I overcame over the years until I was able to be a normally reasoning individual. Before that however I contemplated hurting myself, and other even darker things. I'm thankful I never went that far for any of that. However, with the current state of your game, I've been having these thoughts crop up again in my head to the point I end up staring at the scissors on my computer desk without realising it. A game should NOT bring these levels of stress on an individual. I understand the need for a challenge, but you're making a game that has a challenge (that's fine) with an extremely toxic community (that's not fine).

1) Your Matchmaking. You made a good call with changing it so that with Dedicated Servers we're paired up with people closer to us, HOWEVER more often than not these matchings are VASTLY imbalanced in terms of ranks. Whenever I play Survivor (Rank 4), I'm paired up against Ranks 11-17 Killers. That's hardly fair for the inexperienced Killer, especially since I'm not only a Red Ranked Survivor but I'm also an experienced Killer player so I know how they're going to act. That's not fair to the Killer.

When I play Killer (Rank 8 due to the matchmaking) I'm consistently against Survivors who are ranks 1-4. I can count the number of times on one hand in the last month where I was paired up with someone who was not Red Rank. After each match, even if I somehow 4k, I feel dirty and as if I lost and hadn't won. Winning a match shouldn't make you feel like garbage. Ever.

2) Your Dedicated Servers. Something is VERY wrong with them as even though my ping is always within the range of 43-57ms in-game, I get hit by Killers over 10 feet or more away be it after vaulting a window or rounding a corner, or the classic pallet prompt not appearing until far too late. Yet when I play Killer the opposite is true, I hit Survivors point blank only to have it not register, I have projectile attacks go THROUGH Survivors as if they weren't there, and so on. In other games, servers don't punish people who have the lower ping, they punish those with the higher ping because they're taking longer to communicate with the server. Your servers SOMEHOW do the opposite.

I might add more to this post in the near future but I feel these two points are the biggest turn offs for me. Your game used to be fun and challenging, now it's stressful and unrewarding. You made a turn somewhere where you drastically went off trail and now seem to be lost trying to get yourself back to what was fun about this game.

Please find your way back.

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