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Cross Platform Tournament on Community Server: 'Dead by Daylight hub'

If you are interested in a tournament join us here >>https://discord.gg/32jp2nd<< and see #server-announcements the post that was made in #server-announcements is also below

If we get to 915 players by JAN 4th we will be doing a CROSS PLATFORM tournament

REWARDS: I'm entering 50$ CAD minimum into the pot for this tournament, and all players must enter [1$] to enter the tournament!

Your console is eligible to compete if you have: A trust worthy person who will record the event and send it to me and volunteered before Dec. 26th.

as a host you can still play, but you must record the entire time. This means stream it with twitch or record the game and send it.

Rules and Set-up and Dates will be announced by Dec. 16th

If you want to become a host: DM me w/ your console and help the server reach the goal!

Current Console Hosts

Switch : X

Mobile : X

PS4 : X


PC : X



[Entry fee subject to change, but will remain constant on Jan. 1st]

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