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Okay devs, facecamping is definitely a “legit strategy”



  • DarthRaneDarthRane Member Posts: 198

    Don't know what to tell ya, if survivors would stop crying for killer nerfs and the devs didn't make the survivors the power role you'd probably almost never see camping

  • Negan4891Negan4891 Member Posts: 53

    But im not boohooing tho. And im not saying you are neither. I came across that challenge. I didnt have to camp for that challenge. I just had to guard the hatch till i seen last survior. Close the hatch hook the survior. And it still counts. The game play is alway different tho. Idk tho. All i know is that dbd community is soo toxic that the roaches dont want to play. Lol. But i dont care ne more. I will play the game the way i want to play. On both sides. I get camp so. Or i do the camping. But it is what it is tho. There are thousands matches afterwards. That i can play

  • AvisDeeneAvisDeene Member Posts: 2,396

    I find it sad that people complain about camping and tunneling and want to punish killers by reducing their blood points to zero. Devs have even said that it’s a legitimate strategy. Heck, the perk insidious encourages camping.

    If a survivor gets caught, they should get better at the game. They can work out a strategy in the chat before the match starts, or even invite each other to their Discord server. They could run perks that will help them avoid the killer, or even break free from the killer. They can even jump off the hook and have their teammates body block the killer so they could get away.

    Heck, they could use the BEST STRATEGY against camping which is to just have their teammates power through generators and end the match while the killer is wasting time. Sure, one would die, but at least that way 3 will live and the killer would get minimal points.

    Not everyone plays a top killer. Many of the killers are underpowered and need to be reworked or buffed in order to get a chance to do good.

    Is camping a good strategy? No, it’s not, but all of the cons that come with it are punishment enough. Sometimes, killers don’t have an option to run around to look for survivors because they don’t have enough perks from other killers unlocked in order to track them. Maybe the killer isn’t “pro” enough to compete with the survivor so they resort to camping? Maybe the killer enjoys camping? Why should a killer care about how enjoyable the experience for the survivor is in the first place? It’s obvious that most survivors don’t care how much fun the killer is having.

    Don’t be mad at the killer, be mad at your overly altruistic teammates for not rushing gens. Be mad at yourself for being caught, especially when the devs have put plenty of things into the game to help you avoid being seen, caught, or even help you escape.

    Instead of telling other players to get good at a video game, you should get good yourself.

  • StrodeWinsStrodeWins Member Posts: 274

    getting downed after a certain amount of time is unavoidable. it’s impossible, and looping can’t last forever. camping is a strat, but really? at 5 gens? 5 gens can’t even be completed by the time of one sacrifice, which leaves 2 survivors dead because of camping.

  • ThatbrownmonsterThatbrownmonster Member Posts: 1,640

    I am glad I brought my popcorn pack, they needed a bit of salt

  • DarthRaneDarthRane Member Posts: 198

    I agree with almost everything you said but I dont like the get good saying ng. Because it does nothing to try and get the ones who ONLY play survivor or ONLY play killer to see things from the side.

    A lot of killers think key should be completely gone.which I can understand being a killer main myself. But I don't think it's the key that's the issue it's the requirements to use it and the fact that there's literally no draw back to having it.

    I'd much rather see something be done about DS than see a nerd to keys.

  • AvisDeeneAvisDeene Member Posts: 2,396

    If the survivor is good, the killer can definitely be looped long enough in the beginning of the match for three gens to be popped, if your teammates aren’t wasting time cleansing dead totems or just hiding in a bush watching their teammate run the killer.

    My advice to you would be for you to level two killers to 50 so you could see how good survivors are. When I started playing I thought I was a decent survivor, not great, but decent enough to where I was a team player and could do objectives. Then I played killer and I learned the truth. I was nowhere near good. Facing more experienced survivors showed me that I was a bad survivor and that there is a lot of room for growth and once mastered, a survivor can give a killer a horrible time.

    Yes, getting downed after a certain amount of time is unavoidable, but it’s up to the survivor milk the chase for as long as possible. And if the killer decided to waste time and get the down, they have every right to want to camp and make sure the survivor dies. It may not be a great strategy, but that certainly doesn’t mean the killer should be punished with zero bloodpoints. Once they decide to camp, they punish themselves by throwing the rest of the game, unless the survivor teammates take the bait and stop doing gens.

  • AvisDeeneAvisDeene Member Posts: 2,396

    I only started saying get good in retaliation to survivors who say it to killers. I main both sides now, though I’m more partial to survivors because Claudette is my Chocolatey Bae, and I enjoy the trill of trying to complete objectives while avoiding the killer.

    The fact of the matter is if a survivor gets caught early in the match it’s because they got unlucky and spawned near the killer, or were not aware of their surroundings enough to realize the killer is near. Or, the survivor is just inexperienced at running and looping and doesn’t have the right perks to extend the chase.

    And I agree with you about the key. I don’t think they should be removed. The Devs just need to balance more.

    Killer only mains and survivor only mains need to break out of their shells and invest some time into playing the opposite roles in order to see that not everything is peaches and cream on the other side. It will also show them how much that they could improve when they face someone that is better at their role of choice.

  • AvisDeeneAvisDeene Member Posts: 2,396

    Butter makes everything better. Thanks, now I’m hungry.

  • ThatbrownmonsterThatbrownmonster Member Posts: 1,640

    🤢 🤢

    putting butter on popcorn

    🤮 you americans probably fry popcorn too

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 5,580

    It's only as effective as your teammates make it. The team aspect of survivor isn't always fun. That goes for any co-op mode in any game. Camping is absolutely legit in certain situations, but camping at 5 gens is only as viable as your teammates allow it to be.

  • StrodeWinsStrodeWins Member Posts: 274

    but it’s completely useless for killers to camp at 5 gens. it’s like saying “yes, i only want 7,000 bloodpoints for the entire match”

  • Mak0Mak0 Member Posts: 250

    Key word punishes 1 survivor of the survivor dosent try to unhook themselves or use dosent struggle that's enough time to get at least 1 survivor done the only reason camping is a problem is because your swarming the hook for the save giving the killer free downs

  • CymerCymer Member Posts: 942

    Sorry Buddy, bad luck. Move on.

    If a killer can get a survivor out of the game, within a minute and 5 gens still up? Bravo! Well done, now they are only 3 survivors some probably injured and 5 gens to go. Good win conditions.

    If you are concerned with face camping run a combination or all of these perk: DS, Deliverance, Unbreakable, DH. Best don't get downed first. Successfully unhook someone else and you are good to go. Medkit can help too.

    Good luck next time.

  • FluorescentLemonFluorescentLemon Member Posts: 257

    If Survivors aren't going to punish me for it, I'm going to facecamp. When I know they're just going to farm unhooks I have no reason to leave the hook.

  • StrodeWinsStrodeWins Member Posts: 274

    so you’re saying that it’s okay to completely ruin a game for SOLO survivors in such an unethical way? when the survivors did nothing wrong? and you’re supporting that?


  • LaUryLaUry Member Posts: 99

    I didn't really see something like "Camp 10 survivors until they die" :DD

  • StrodeWinsStrodeWins Member Posts: 274

    there were no survivors nearby, yet the killer still camped. please explain the logic in camping at this point.

  • RickyRooRickyRoo Member Posts: 2

    If someone is saying they facecamp for a challenge, they are just stupid. I do challenges and I don’t play unfair just do it. Just calm down and ignore them or tell them they can do it without being toxic.

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 5,580

    For sure. If they're trying to rank up yeah. It's mostly new killers that do it, in my experience.

  • val842val842 Member Posts: 1

    Alot of you sound like entitled killer mains, if you dont like the survivors start playing top tier killers and get over yourself.

    I've been playing oni, ON CONSOLE at high ranks, and I DONT CAMP, yes I come back to the hook eventually but i make sure to proc my pop before i go back

    Also saying dont get caught is still the dumbest thing I've EVER heard since day one of this game being released. You literally are full of yourself if you ever think not getting caught is a viable way of playing. If you're a killer main dont say anything about survivors, and this goes for survivor mains as well. Yes face camping sucks, and I personally believe survivors should be awarded bloodpoints and emblem for distraction because getting face camped by a LF especially is a lose lose to every survivor

  • StrodeWinsStrodeWins Member Posts: 274
  • UnicornUnicorn Member Posts: 2,306
    edited December 2019

    @AvisDeene Dude really? Your post would've been informational and great if you would have never insulted the Survivors gameplay to start it off. Please Killers, stop doing this. Not once did OP insult the Killer for being a camper so this was so unnecessary.

    @StrodeWins Anyway, OP as much as I hate to say this, I don't think the Devs won't do much about it. They believe camping is a strategy and as long as they do, Killers will do it. It sucks but hey, what can we do. Just move on to the next game and HOPE the next Killer isn't a camper as well, thats all we can do at this point. Sorry you had to deal with that.

    Edit: Missed a word.

  • JohnbleJohnble Member Posts: 175

    I had it happen a couple days ago against a Pig. Killer just sat around the corner from me. Luckily, since I play solo and can't communicate that, nobody wasted time and came for the rescue. My only problem as a solo survivor is that unless I bring in a certain perk, I have NO way of communicating anything to other players. It's all well and good to say "don't go for the rescue" but that's part of the survivors' job along with doing gens. As a solo player, I'm tired of seeing people DC after being on the hook for 4 seconds because they know more than likely nobody is coming to the rescue and don't want to stare at the killer while they just hang there. I also don't feel like losing a perk slot is a fair compromise when SWF doesn't need a perk to communicate either. If it's something like that, it needs to be an inherent ability otherwise, that means everyone has to adjust their playstyle to accommodate it which defeats the point of unlocking various perks. There is a such thing as unfun matches which, is fine but it becomes an issue when people are miserable while they're trying to learn the game because obviously, some players are more forgiving of new players than others. Survivors need to learn how to bide their time and learn how to put the pressure on the killer to leave the hook as well instead of just complaining all of the time. I don't know how many matches I've played where ppl see me LEAVING the area of the hook and keep heading TOWARDS it only to be downed because they couldn't understand what was going on and went for a save anyway.

    Honestly, I've felt like a mode where rank doesn't matter, a casual mode if you will, would solve the issue for new players and a lot of players in general. Take away rank and most people will just play for the thrill and the fun of it. If people want to be ranked, they'd have the option.

  • AvisDeeneAvisDeene Member Posts: 2,396

    If you read my post, you will see that I never insulted the op for their gameplay. I just called him out for whining like the other countless threads and complaints about camping. There was nothing constructive to his original post at all, it was just them complaining and telling the devs to fix it because he didn’t like it. Granted I could have phrased it differently, but I was annoyed from another post that I read and ended up replying that way here. I do apologize if I offended anyone, that wasn’t my intent.

    People do need to stop complaining about something they don’t like without actually trying to look at things from the opposite perspective. It is tiring to see the same stupid complaints over and over, especially when they’ve been addressed multiple times, even by devs.

    I wish there was a way to force players to play both roles. I think that would get the whining down to tolerable levels.

    I just want to point out that I do agree that it sucks to be camped, but it’s only part of the game. I think I only face 2 campers out of every 10 matches I play, and I’ve been playing a lot recently. You just gotta move on and hope you’re not paired up with that killer any time soon.

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