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Do something about DCs

Like ya its cool yall made it so we arent allowed to play a game when someone disconnects in loading (like nothings more fun than waiting in a loading screen for 5 minutes just to be kicked as soon as the game loads amiright) but can you do something about people who give up or DC in game? like when people get hooked within a minute of the game starting and kill themselves and its basically a full game with 3 survivors but were stuck and probably depip and whatnot.

Like if theres a DC within the first couple minutes or a death within the first 60 or 120 seconds or something can there be a surrender vote or like we automatically cant depip/dont lose items and addons

just something to make it feel like we didnt waste our addons/items or lose pips on a game we couldnt win because of something out of our control

Clearly this is more for lower ranks cause high ranks can hold their own in a 3v1 and also usually wont kill themselves on first hook but I still think it would be an improvement


  • dopydopy Member Posts: 11

    its actually the opposite - you can hold yourself in lowrank matches vs lowrank killers a lot better in a 3v1 - but its kinda impossible on high rank and there is probably a lot more dcs in high ranks than in lowranks... but thats w/e - the mainissues still stay the same... you need all 4 people to fight equally against the killer, as a solo survivor your ability is limited (thats how it should be but they started to balance the game around as swf and thats not helping for sure) and there is still no punishment for dcing - even after the praise "with dedicated server we will get rid of the dc problem" - yeah, yeah keep talking... you cant do anything against people who let themselves die on the hook because people on lowrank often dont want to let themselves die - they are just to bad or overwhelmed and dont know how to press spacebar and it would be wrong to punish them for "being bad". on high rank you could do that easily but hey, thats a dream i am not even able to think about - it would be alright if they would start to punish ragequitters how they promised

  • The_Second_ComingThe_Second_Coming Member Posts: 1,110
    edited December 2019

    There are no rules against giving up and suicide on hook, and there never will be. It's a perfectly legitimate way to leave the game; and no, this isn't Surrender by Daylight. It's Dead by Daylight. If you don't want to be in the game after someone dies, quite simply go die.

  • FibijeanFibijean Member Posts: 8,331

    The DC penalties for dedicated servers haven't actually been implemented yet and we don't even have details about how they function, so it's a bit too early to start complaining that they don't work.

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