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Okay... Jealous of Last Year's new monster.

BravescorpioBravescorpio Member Posts: 94

I checked out Last Year when it was first out, the lack of a progression system made it a no-go for me, and the killers were crazy generic. (though that strangler was cool)

But now they have a giant Spider monster. And it got me thinking that in order to bust out of the "more of the same" feel, we could really use non-humanoid monsters.

I completely get why DBD want to stick with that body frame, its less programming and it would be really be hard for them to have a crawling monster like a spider. Last Year was sort of designed with those things in mind.

But there are other things we could have. Dogs dog-like creatures for example. We already have the frame (pig/ghost face crouching) same idea.

A werewolf with a similar frame to the Demo could also be a little change-up. Or make him more beast-like

Doll monsters (Chucky). Whenever this is brought up people make the weirdest argument that he wouldn't be able to reach t he hook... But he can just throw the person up, the Nurse uses magic, he could literally toss them up. A dog could have a lower hook, or toss them as well

I think it could be some fresh air in the game. Whether it happens is unlikely I know, but man I am jealous of that Spider!


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