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Issue with camera toggling between pre-teleport location and post teleport location after t-porting.

In a recent game I had, I noticed that when I teleported with Hag, the camera would change to the proper location, then the location before I teleported (or just some wonky angle that wasn't where I was suppose to be) and after .5-.75 sec it'd turn back to where it was suppose to be. This was gamebreaking for me, so I hope it can be solved. I'll try to get a video but as far as I know to reproducing it, was simply teleporting and observing the camera.


  • JoDioSanJoDioSan Member Posts: 11

    Yeah the same thing was happening to me too, it makes it impossible to follow survivors and succeed in chase. It makes it extremely difficult to play Hag and as someone with ADHD it was worse because of it. It happened whenever I teleport and I wasn't able to play an efficient game and lost a pip because of it.

  • SkankleSkankle Member Posts: 31

    Yeah, I'm getting this too and it's really annoying and disorientating. I got a video of it here:


    First teleport is normal just to show what it should look like, second is where the issue pops up. It doesn't happen 100% of the time, and I can't specify a specific trigger, but it's pretty crippling when it does appear - which will be several times a match at least.

  • PyroGLPyroGL Member Posts: 228

    I am having this issue as well. Makes playing Hag extremely difficult. Annoying part is that I haven't found a consistent circumstance to replicate it; so I've tried compensating for the bug, but then end up falling behind and missing swings in the instances where the bug doesn't occur.

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