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Adam has least cosmetics of all the Original Characters.



You know, I've ranted A LOT about many things from this game. I admit it. And I've ranted about this topic before as well, but I mean seriously???

This just SADDENS me... I cannot believe Adam has been out for OVER A YEAR and YUI has more cosmetics than him!!! And she came out like 15 seconds ago!!

This is just ugly. Every character that came out after him has more outfits... @not_Queen @Peanits @Clyde

I know not a lot of people care about Adam (for reasons they wont admit), but there are a few of us that DO.

I know at this point it looks/feels like I'm grasping for straws... and I'm sorry for bringing this up over and over again. But PLEASE, give Adam more love and attention. He's a professor for goodness sake! He deserves respect lmao.

Please talk to Filip and the Art team or whoever has the power to make this happen.

I expect a new outfit in the store and in the upcoming rift when the latter comes out! (just kidding... but not really...)



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