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Is nurse ACTUALLY weak?



  • MajoraMajora Member Posts: 139

    nurse is weak i havent seen a single good nurse since the update. I juke nurses easily now and we all take turns BM'ing her. She is a joke now and we love to bully her

  • copperslycoppersly Member Posts: 1,845

    Why does everyone spout the nonsense argument "she goes through all defenses"

    Yeah that's called playing the game differently. It's crazy how you have to do something other than run around a pallet for 5 minutes when a killer is used.

    Eventually there is going to be another killer that ignores pallets and windows like Nurse does (she doesn't btw, she just goes around them differently. I have been pallet stunned many times and windows have saved people because of blinks getting eaten or going back through etc...) and that killer will have the same counterplay as Nurse. I.e., do something else besides run around a pallet for ages.

    Why do people find that the most fun aspect of this game?

  • yoiyoi Member Posts: 338
    edited December 2019

    she was heavily gutted yes. she needs good addons to make her good now. wich is a shame. they didnt nerf her they shited on her.

  • silverwolf4455silverwolf4455 Member Posts: 470

    The question now is she weaker/stronger than spirit?

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 6,280

    I'd say weaker than Spirit now myself.

    However since both their changes I don't think any killer is S tier anymore. Spirits just sitting at the top of A tier imo.

  • PeasantPeasant Member Posts: 4,105

    All I have to contribute here is to say that a community tier list site has moved nurse from top of A tier to the top of B tier.

  • EndstilleEndstille Member Posts: 1,845


    Since you know your way around the history of dbd, might i refer you to that stream where cote got his ass handed to him playin against the koreans who clearly displayed how unbalanced the game was.

    Those nerfs were necessary to somewhat achieve some kind of balance but hey to fit the narrative, you argue that the amount received on the survivor side made them weak while ignoring that they started off from a point of utter unbalance. However looking at this makes clear why.

    You should really reflect about your own arguments because you do talk with the people that didn't equip the most broken addons on nurse in order to play the killer because they knew exactly how broken those addons were. All this entitled killer community stuff is really keep that for the people that argue old addons were fine on nurse, you might have trouble finding those in these forums.

    I am really tired of your attitude in which you try to split this community all the time into this stupid us vs them mentality. We are all players of the same game, stop acting like there is a diffrence.


    People like to argue that pallet/windows are the only thing that survivors have to their defense which is nonsense. They are not capable to utilize everything at their disposal.

    LoS is something very important in DbD, yet people seem to forget that stuff like barrels/trees exist so when you are in a chase, knowing that you probably will get hit, barrels and trees are extremely useful especially when the environment is cluttered already with scratchmarks.

    When you do know that you will get hit soon anyway, you might as well go for it, if it works the chase will almost be reset completely.

    Somebody mentioned otz having fun as nurse ( i cant find the comment right now so i just leave this link which was posted in another discussion)

    Nurse is not weak but she isn't fun, i rather play a maybe weaker killer like GF or Myers and have fun in the match.

    You know what pisses me off the most about this "rework"? The feeling of being completely lied to your face, literally all the reasons stated in the text felt like bs statements and utterly disrespectful to the people who dedicated alot of their time into a killer.

    Statement about muscle memory and the addons, why make things up? Those addons actually changed how nurse played but they didn't screw your muscle memory at all and what addons do you get now? Well take a look at the video of otz, if you think this doesn't screw you muscle memory than i dont know what does.

    The cooldown mechanic argument was the dumbest [BAD WORD] i have ever read and really made me doubt if they actually know anything in their game at all. They stated cooldown mechanic is needed so the nurse can not spam blinks and literally everybody that knew nurse mechanics had the same question so what about fatigue? Fatigue is there to prevent the nurse from spamming blinks and having no punishment for missing blinks and blink attacks.

    I struggle to find a similar scenario to make this understandable for survivors imagine another cd slapped onto exhaustion perks so in order for you to be able to use lithe or sprint burst, you do not only have the recovery period of 40/50/60 but another 2min cd to prevent spamming it and everybody would be like wtf are you doing? Why is there a 2nd cd? I know that this is exaggerated utterly but really i struggle to find something equally stupid.

    I really can not express how much it pisses me off to be given those lazy af statements which were simply bs. I at least expect the addon rework of a killer that has been around for so long and had quite alot of people dedicated to be treated with respect and honesty. Instead you got this.

  • FearedbytheGodsFearedbytheGods Member Posts: 476


    I'm not sure what you think the vid proves. There's a vid floating around where Tru3 plays as nurse I believe at release and COMPLETELY owns the dev team who were playing survivor.

    Based off your standards it shows 'how unbalanced the game was'.

    Also you're mischaracterising my argument COMPLETELY. I never said nerfs can't or shouldn't have happen.

    My main point is that survivor has been nerfed more relative to killer (which it has), that killer is easier now than it was at release (which it is) and that the trajectory of the game has absolutely been decisions in the killers favour. I guess that's why your mischaracterising my argument and talking about 'reflection' because I'm just seeing projection here.

    I don't mind to call people out, who live in a bubble because their arguments fall apart when they have to engage with reality. Much like what's happening right now.

    I'm not splitting the community, but people post 'poor killer, what are you going to do for killer' posts, so I just point out who killer isn't exactly 'poor' and people don't like that.

  • JC316JC316 Member Posts: 693

    I tried playing nurse for the first time due to a daily, I got stuck on Haddonfield. I've had more fun being face camped by a spirit. I've had more fun on a loading screen. It was a god awful experience. When a rank 11 killer with 80 hours in the game gets two hits in the entire match on a group of rank 15 survivors, you've seriously screwed up the character.

    You can talk about red ranks and having experience with her all you want, but if beginner can't pick her up and at least hook someone, you're terrible at designing a killer.

  • RivynRivyn Member Posts: 1,655

    That's my problem. Nurse was always at the top tier in terms of skill needed to play her well. Sure, you could eliminate that with omega blink, but base kit? Skill was involved. Players who say there isn't are either lying, or simply playing badly.

    I personally always wanted to do well with her, but I admit that I didn't have the talent for her. It wasn't just about knowing her power, it was knowing the map, the specific tile you're on, what perks your target may have, what they're thinking, and so on. A lot of info needed to be processed in a short amount of time. So, high skill cap. That was raised even higher with the cooldown.

    I pulled her out myself for the first time in ages (I still had that cake from the anniversary event in her bloodweb). Wanted to see what the nerfs had done for her now that they've settled. Like you, it was miserable. The team I was up against wasn't all that skilled, but they were able to make a lot of escapes because I had to wait the extra four seconds for the cool down. Not to mention missed blinks and missed swings.

    Nurse isn't fun. There are simply too many restrictions placed on her to be enjoyable. Sure, some people can make her work, but most of us can't. Just how many Nurse matches have any of us gone up against since her nerf? For me? Three. Out of the hundreds I've played, I can clearly recall every one, and it only adds up to three. She can be good in the right hands. But is she fun? No.

  • Buily09Buily09 Member Posts: 487

    Hard to say when sice her Nerf I played againts Nurse like 1-2 times past my 50+ games as Survivor.

    Only I can say that her play rate dropped a lot.

  • JC316JC316 Member Posts: 693

    For me personally, Billy is a difficult killer because his chainsaw torque steers like crazy. I understand that he's a top tier killer with great control, and I don't have that. Even still, I can at least get one or two kills with him and he's decently fun to play as.

    I've played against two nurses, both of which never got a hit off on me. She just has too many downsides. Unpredictable blinks, cooldowns, slow movement, and no visibility during a chase.

  • xphillipxxphillipx Member Posts: 12

    I guess this is an unpopular opinion but when I first started this game with some friends I would play solo and SWF and would encounter nurses every now and then. The new ones I could feel like I was an awesome survivor even though I was trash, and the experienced ones I had fun seeing how long I could mind game them before I inevitably died a horrible death with the rest of my friends. The thing is, I still had fun. It doesn't always have to be fair, and her skill gap and the fact once you master her she will become boring and you won't play 24/7 nurse as a killer main makes her acceptable in the game as being that much more OP than anything else.

    I also got into playing killer when my friends weren't on, I really liked myers, then wraith, etc. I tried nurse and she was super hard but I was persistent and after a few weeks on and off playing her I got to a point where it was alright. Not a p3 god nurse but I could get 4ks every now and then when I really tried my best. It's not about winning or losing its about having fun and I think BVHR lost sight of that spirit and are just focused on making the loudest bunch on here 'happy' even though no matter what they nerf or buff they wont ever be happy. I suggest we go back to base kit nurse, leave the add-on changes but give her back the 2 blinks because it's really needed for anyone that doesn't want to spend even more effort than is already required to learn her. I want to go against more good nurses as survivor and pass my limits, and I also want to have games where cocky survivors get [BAD WORD] on. It goes both ways.

  • DepressedClownMainDepressedClownMain Member Posts: 924

    So there is this very good nurse main that has over 5k hours in my region and he still recks us all when we are swf and get matched with him. I think Nurse's skill cap has just increased, but she definitely is still the best killer if you are very good with her

  • DevourOfSaltDevourOfSalt Member Posts: 235

    Nurse is just unfun to play like fatigue wasn't enough they went and gave her 6 second cooldown on top of that so if you use both blinks n miss guess what survivor get more then enough distance away from you to were u need to double blink just catch up and then your stuck waiting for recharge + fatigue so yh nurse basekit is horrible and devs answer to it is to remain silent

  • immortalls96immortalls96 Member Posts: 3,563

    Despite what those who dont play nurse or play with range addons exclusively would have you believe the issue is survivors were handed free chase time and free gen time..that's the only purpose the cooldown has served..nurses play rate has dropped by over 75 percent and the devs thus far are being dodgy about critique and concerns surrounding it..frankly they had too much confidence in their idea considering non of them even play nurse regularly aside from one of the community managers..so clearly we had no understanding of her feel and needs going into the changes and it shows with how wide spreadly hated it is.

    Now all they should do is remove that absurd cool down..and if you want..take the range addons completely if they're a concern, her other addons dont really do much else for her aside from gimmicks anyway.. I'm glad the community is hammering them with this one..strictly die to an absence of evident valuing of feedback

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 6,280

    She's weaker so yeah the skill cap is definitely higher but I still don't think she can compete against good rank 1 swf groups any more.

  • Thanatos_xThanatos_x Member Posts: 200

    It is 6 seconds but I think the debate is that her fatigue already was a "charge mechanic" to her blink and that's 2.5 seconds of the 6 second recharge, therefore yes it does make it "feel" like the recharge is 3.5 seconds when encompassed with fatigue.

  • ssa0123ssa0123 Member Posts: 3

    Yes, the nurse is unfortunately broken ..

    First, it is slow, very slow .. so in case of a failed attack, well you can only count on your teleportation. Ha but yes no luck, it only has 2 teleports now! Fatigue really does not help anything, and vision .. let's not talk about it, forced to put a perk like FOV ... Totally dependent!

    Secondly, she screams, is spotted thousands of miles away ... the Claudette is going to hide in the grass, and Nancy in the closet, not easy to search with such a slow speed .. the survivors are all already doing another generator at the other end of the map !! LOL

    Third, the Nurse and her addons .. yes ok, but you forget a little thing .. the disconnections of other players, the lack of points since we only make 2 victims, at most, per game (obligation to camp ), and anyway whatever the game we lose our accessories! The famous "plaid" should be integrated by default, because it is the only thing that allows the nurse to do more than 0 kill. It is not so "common" this plaid ... No, I'm not a champion, like thousands of players.

    The Tbag, and then not to be touched by the nurse just turn, loop to infinity and bye bye nurse, she is good to restart her tactics, the doors are already open (rush gen).

    Thanatophobia .. no difference, rush gen!

    Freddy was nerve, I just played with and there I was destroyed ...

    Result, I camp-> they insult me-> I lose more point for the plaids than for the perks-> and I make tbag .. very fun, sincerely ..... When I play survivor against a nurse, feels sad! ^^

    Have a good day everyone.😀

  • sliptteesslipttees Member Posts: 621

    I never play against nurse after nerf. Poor Nurse!

  • LordRegalLordRegal Member Posts: 964

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, the next time stats come out, I would love to see a timeline of Nurse’s pick rate. Start about a month before her rework, and then show the next few months after. Too many people are reporting not seeing any Nurses anymore for me to believe that her pick rate wasn’t lowered drastically, and I’m truly curious how much. Preferably a pickrate verse time graph as opposed to pickrate to kills graph like we got in the last stat showing. If, as I suspect, the graph shows a slight uptick the few days after the rework (as people try her out) and then drops off to something significantly lower, I think at that point it’d conclusively say that the rework made her unfun to play as.

  • EndstilleEndstille Member Posts: 1,845

    It doesn't exactly show how unbalanced the game was but those blinds sure took alot of skill or how slowly hag placed her traps. So those nerfs to survivors have been necessary, the devs didn't know how their own game could be played. Yet you imply, killers didn't get nerfs, only survivors.

    That is what you say right here.

    What were seeing is the killer community largely trying to come to terms with what a nerf feels like. Historically it's been survivors who've received nerfs. However games now are seeing more than 50% survivor kills, so the devs are trying to pull it back closer to 50%.

    You could say nurse players but that would be wrong wouldn't it? Cause nurse pre this nerf wasn't release nurse and she has been changed because she indeed was too strong back then so yeah the killer was too strong and was nerfed.

    Than you have the audacity to jump to conclusions from stats which are nearly meaningless. Since you like to generalize, you should realize that nurse across the board was stasticly the weakest killer across all ranks. So there goes your 50% argument. But hey even there the nurse mains said, yeah maybe but addons need to change anyway.

    Why reflect? Well I thought i was clear enough, you jumped into a thread about nurse where the same people that always post about nurse post in. You make a comment about "entitled killer class" that can not come to terms with nerfs when the very same people that you insult, advocated for addon changes on nurse and didnt play them in the first place because they knew how broken they were.

    So what sense does your comment make? none at all completely directed at the wrong people. Furthermore yes you are splitting the community, the mentality like do you even read what you write before you post that?

    I'm not splitting the community, but people post 'poor killer, what are you going to do for killer' posts, so I just point out who killer isn't exactly 'poor' and people don't like that.

    Where is that? Where is the poor killer in this thread when people disagree with op? When people say no she isn't weak just not fun? Exaggerating much, generalizing even more and posting bs statements and cry out loud when being called out for it. Not wasting anymore time on you.

  • DepressedClownMainDepressedClownMain Member Posts: 924

    I mean she requires a lot of skill so it is ok for you to think so

  • MarcusMarcus Member Posts: 2,011

    1 At release, Nurse had 3 blinks base kit and she was faster than survivors even without blinks.

    2 Dev teams aren't "God" tier players.

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