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BHVR doesn't hate you

as difficult as some of you people make it to not hate you, BHVR doesn't just hate all killers, or solo survs, or even legion or pig.

they have a lot on their plate, and you cant expect them to make the perfect call, every time, asap...

i get frustrated sometimes too, i get it. but screaming AND TYPING IN ALL CAPS isn't going to get your message across any quicker.

yes, they may have made the game, but we put more hours into playing and testing their game, i know. i agree they should listen to us a little more... but maybe the reason they don't listen to us enough is because some people act like spoiled rotten, entitled, only children, and you scream your heads off when you don't get exactly what you want exactly when you want it...

just try giving it a rest. just for a bit.



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