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Oh look, another Oni rant blah blah blah

Alright, so, after seeing, watching, and playing around a little with the newest patch, here is my 2-sence.

I have never seen a "Forever Freddy", but i heard a bit from people and saw some games of him on youtube. I felt like they should have made it to where you couldn't stack them, kind of like how Shadowborn and Monitor cannot stack together. However, it was definitely needed

The Oni has had some controversy. Almost all my IRL friends who play (survivor mains mostly), say that the killer was quite OP. Meanwhile, the killer main side of what I was hearing was saying "he isn't good enough". My personal thought was that he was honestly quite good where he was. I felt like he wasn't as broken as Pre-nerf... i mean pre-patched Spirit was, but was able to be what I would call Viable (In the Otz terms of viable). Also, if you have that much controversy, that nearly both sides think about equal on him, if you add both sides together, it should be a neutral feeling overall.

However, I do not share that opinion as much atm. After watching some Tru3 and playing the oni myself, I feel that his turn is a bit too nerfed. I know that the devs say that you can still turn 90 degrees, but it feels more like 45 degrees to me.

The main issue is that a killer is most powerful in a chase when the survivor is out positioned (hence why Wraith and GF are currently doing really well). As of the moment, even if you are out-positioned against the Oni while in a blood rage:

If you trick him to go to one side for a swing, he has no leave-way to bring back his swing

If you are at a normal loop, there is nearly 0 chance now that he can trick you up to get a hit

a tree is gonna be his worst nightmare

I know the joke recently for Killer main people was "Oh, he is just a worse myers' tier 3 and billy's chainsaw". Before the hotfix, I would argue against it, saying how his maneuverability make up for the fact that both parts of the ability combined make it more powerful than one or the other. Now I just think it is a worse Hillbilly chainsaw. I still think it can be better than a myers' tier 3, but at least Billy's chainsaw can still turn for the first second, and it doesn't have a charge time.

I understand, again, that the 90 degree nerf was not a bad idea, because being able to turn 180 degrees around a corner was a tad unfair in a chase.

But with the way that the game is, I just feel like he has become another killer that will be used for now a little bit, but won't be able used much after his release. It is literally gonna go back to the top killers of Nurse, Spirit, Wraith, Ghostface, and occasionally Hillbilly.

My personal idea of change for Oni:

Change his spin to be 135 degrees. That way, it at least gives a little bit of a buffer for him to turn if need be.

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