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I have never felt this scammed.

This is probably the only game in which I bought all DLC without hesitation but HolyS. I have never felt this scammed and it is already been a recurrent feeling with this game for a while.

First time i felt scammed it was with the pay to win "mettle of man" issue which forced everyone who played survivor regularly to buy Ash or be killed in most of redrank games because MoM players got to live with that extra life while you got hooked for not having MoM. All that to see it nerfed to the ground to the point that LITERALLY nobody uses it because it is dog poo.

Now with this chapter, which I instantly purchased, I leveled the surv to lvl 50 but i though i would give the oni a go and [BAD WORD] loved it. Games were fast paced, survivors who got cocky got instantly punished and hooked and the most important aspect of it, i could contest almost every redrank game and always had the feeling that i could turn around the surv pressure even when there was a team of 2-3 surv with voicecom.

After millions of bloodpoints, I got him to prestige 3 to find out that it was nerfed within 10 days of its release after weeks of TESTING in ptb.

Now i find myself smashing walls nonstop instead of survs who were just in front of me but they made a 90º turn as soon as i got in range. Also smashing stupid corners because you can't turn and it will just hit the environment.

Now I find myself getting looped as a trash mouse1 killer because my power is only good for slug and if i ever find a surv out in the open and he fails to dodge ( which is really easy because as it has been said in other threads there is not really a turn of more 20º) i get punished if i want to hook him

You just transformed a fun and capable killer with his ups and downs into a worse version of Billy, in which we have our mobility with limited duration and a really high cooldown just to turn back to the m1 bad killer mechanic and getting pallet toured because the only good thing this killer had ( to force a surv out of a loop by using your power ) is gone with the wind because reasons.

What i am trying to say is that this game is putting in my mind that "scammed" feeling too many times. It is continuously making me feel scammed with so many worthless perks (Hello to Jeff, Quentin, Steve, Tapp, Ash, Yui,,,) and it really makes me feel like i wasted SO MANY time grinding for those perks after paying for the chapters to find that the perks are not only useless, but cannot be fitted in any "perk combo" because they are so situational that you can end a game and escape without even using them at all.

I even thought about uninstalling the game because all that grind to have it morph into an underpowered version of billy feels like a waste of time which i don't know if i ever want to repeat or waste my money to do it knowing that sooner than later its fun will be removed.

You do what you gotta do, because i know players like me with thousands of hours are just a speck of dust in the player base but man, i am really sure that it is not only me who feels this way.



  • FriendlyGuyFriendlyGuy Member Posts: 2,768

    I didn't played Oni since the nerf, but they only nerfed his double flick with Q/E and Mouse am i wrong?

  • SadLegionSadLegion Member Posts: 100

    They were supposed to do it but instead they hurt his regular flicking with mouse

  • sustosusto Member Posts: 10

    I actually hated legion from the start. Hated the fact that my mission in the game was to annoy survivors and since i main both sides, i just didn't want to even play more with him because of that "annoy survivor" mechanic and because i knew how disgusting and EXTREMELY boring was to play against him so after millions of BP to get him all the perks, i can honestly say that i played less than 30 games with him at max rank and i instantly cancel every single daily mission that pops up so anything that has the consequence of seeing fewer legions and not having to play with him is literally paradise for me.

    I actually enjoy the game but never had this "bad feeling" to the point of having to register in the forum and complain.

  • LirulinielLiruliniel Member Posts: 2,966

    Funny you think those survivor's have all bad perks.

    Oni was mostly nerfed for both using Mouse and Keyboard in conjecture with Mouse to go beyond a regular approved flick. Wasn't a nerf it was correction of a oversight. Next will be the instadown charge most likely.

  • DreamnomadDreamnomad Member Posts: 2,821

    Those players are all bad and doing a disservice to the rest of their team. The perk is a trap.

  • LirulinielLiruliniel Member Posts: 2,966

    Guess some people P2W instead of playing for fun. I thought I left that behind in MMO'S for the most part.

  • ChiTenshiChiTenshi Member Posts: 739

    The PTB does not represent game-play on Live Servers, and only a portion of the bugs on PTB will be picked up and fixed.

    Assuming anything that comes out of the PTB to be balanced and bug-free is ridiculous.

  • projecteulogyprojecteulogy Member Posts: 671

    The only P2W aspect i see for me is being forced to buy the Stranger Things DLC for the perks with real money/auric cells instead of using shards to unlock them. Lord knows they wont be on the shrine for a while.

  • brokedownpalacebrokedownpalace Member Posts: 5,659

    And it must be said that this chapter was purchasable with shards. If you play the game enough you will undoubtedly earn enough shards to buy original characters. Spending money is an impulse thing in this situation.

  • EchorionEchorion Member Posts: 2,060

    I have almost every survivor perk and I have never leveled any survivor except Ash- just from the Shrine alone.

    I do however get all the killer perks from the DLC and leveling them; and all my shards get me the survivor stuff. Survivors are just skins to be I don't see the point in playing more than one of them.

  • justaSpirit_phasejustaSpirit_phase Member Posts: 142

    It was also their choice to not read the known issues lmao

  • johnmwarnerjohnmwarner Member Posts: 3,793

    This comes out sounding like “this killer was definitely OP on the PTB even according to a lot of streamers, I figured I could use him to dominate before they fixed it. Dang they fixed it way quicker than I expected.”

  • ProfessorDunwichProfessorDunwich Member Posts: 805

    Just shows how desperate killer mains are for decent killers. I watched Twitch and saw many killer mains in awe of a fun AND powerful killer who could deal with high rank SWF. Of course people were going to get it immediately. Now he is just a weaker version of Billy. People are going to feel burned. The flick should have been remedied in the PTB or on release, not many days afterward. People should not have to dig through patch notes to know what they are getting.

  • sustosusto Member Posts: 10

    The only reason a player would play those perks is because they don't have better perks. But lets do a recap.


    Wasting a perk slot to break 2 hooks per game in case someone farm you so they don't get hooked in that hook but in one a little far away? All this supposing the killer is near the hook and can put down the surv who farmed you.

    Waste a perk slot so the killer can't see you 3 times and go for another surv instead of you is counterproductive because other survs will spend their "hooks" while you are hidden from killer route. Making the killer able to get an early kill from survivors he can BBQ and probably losing you the game.

    Aftercare is the only perk that i had some hope in but the fact that removes the aura readings if you get hooked it just kills it. If they would change it to permanent reading through the trial would improve ppl altruistic playstyle and would help a lot for solo players and i would pick it over bond anytime but bond or even empathy are just superior.


    What can i say about his perks. Having to rely on a perk slot to find a single use heal from a chest that you have to look for is extremely useless. So situational that you would have to play dozens of games to even think "wow, pharmacy just won that game for me"

    Wake up is pretty much the same. Sure it will help you at some point but well, i would pick Hope for an endgame perk if you really want to survive the killer coming to the gate. I am not even going to talk about Vigil.


    I really like stake out but the cooldown needed for a charge is too high to even make an impact in a game for using a perk slot. About the other perks well, you can pick maps for aura reading and the killer going out of their objective to make use of Tenacity... i used it a lot and with slug nurse out of the table it is just a bad perk that will make an impact in a really little amount of situations.


    Do i really need to point out how bad his perks are? Only babysitter could be considered a minor perk but i would always take borrow time over it. Camaraderie i bet it has like a 0.0001% representation. Having to be almost out of the game for a perk to start working is... well you know what it is.

    Second wind could be a really solid perk if the healing time was 8 seconds like inner strength, but 30 seconds and the fact that it deactivates if you get slugged is a fraking joke. It would be an awesome perk if it forced the killer to pick you up from the ground the same way DS forces the killer to slug you after an unhook. Also the fact that you need to heal someone to full before it activates is just BS and you can easily die in a game without even having it activated or used.

    I could keep going but as you see, i have tried to make a lot of perks work but I just can't get into a game knowing that 2 or 3 of my perks will not be used or even slightly make an impact in the game.

    The same i could say about a lot of killers. They have cool perks but most of them are useless because they are so undertuned that are a joke. For example, the Demogorgon have [BAD WORD] perks but then you have surge that could be an amazing perk but it turns out that it only works with basic attacks in a game where most killers have special powers who will never make use of it.

    Another example: Overcharge, it should be an unnanounced skill check during the repair of the gen and not when survs just get back to a gen. You could make it overlap with the next skill check forcing the surv to press space twice in a short time but it is just pure trash.

    Another perk that would be cool if it had no cooldown and no minimum distance, Territorial Imperative. Would make really good perk and simple as a baby "You get into the basement? The entity tells the killer you are there because that basement is dangerous" FIN. Situational, as any good perk, but powerful enough to make someone think about picking it.

    I see you saw some numbers. Could you please share pre-nerf cuota vs post-nerf use of this perk? Because at rank 1 i could play 100 games and maybe an ash doing the expert achievement is using it, but not a single serious surv is picking that perk at ranks where the survivor have the best perks available because they understand the game and played long enough.

  • sustosusto Member Posts: 10

    Yeah, that is why streamers says the killer is out and a worse version of billy, because his only good feature he had, putting survivors out of loops by using a power with a long cooldown, is totally gone.

  • KenshinKenshin Member Posts: 912

    welcome to dbd (enters jurassic park theme)

  • CetrenCetren Member Posts: 917

    This is specifically why I didnt use the Q/E binds to bypass the flick max, is that I'd get used to his intended lunge instead. Wasn't worth getting excited about all those sharp turns when they wouldn't stay.

  • tortradertortrader Member Posts: 338

    It won't be lmao funny to the game creators if people stop buying new content.

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