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Pennywise chapter idea

slayaslaya Member Posts: 30
edited December 2019 in Lore

This idea is heavily based on Wow Such Gamings video, Why Pennywise (IT) should be a killer in Dead By Daylight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmVDvqRXY5s

Power: Fear Factor: Pennywise starts off the map looking like another random killer until he first hits a survivor. When first revealed, the overall map fear is increased. When the overall map fear is high enough, pennywise can activate his ability, this ability causes his hands to turn into the spider hands granting the ability to apply hemorrhage and mangled status effect on a healthy survivor. Pennywise can place balloons around the map with up to 5 balloons at a time, these balloons are invisible to survivors until within an 8 meter radius. When in a 12 meter radius of a balloon, pennywise gets a notification and has the option to look at a ballon and hold m2 to pop the balloon causing the individual fear of a survivor to go up and causing them to bleed for 20 seconds. When the individual fear of a survivor is high enough, when in a chase with them, pennywise can activate the ability and apply the exposed status effect on the scared survivor.


I feed off your fears:

With the advanced ability to know what scares people, pennywise can feed into that fear. When a survivor unhooks another survivor, it applies the exhaustion status effect for 60 seconds.

You´ll float too:

We all float down here. When you hit a survivor with your basic attack, a random survivor gets the broken status effect for 30 seconds.

Pennywise ¨Here, take it¨

Dead lights

This magical creature aids in the torture of the survivors. When hooking a survivor, all survivors with 60 meters will become 15% slower and leave considerably more visible blood and scratch marks.

Map: Pennywises sewer

Fell free to post any type of feedback

Also how do you move discussions because i put this in the wrong forum.


  • kreeper124kreeper124 Member Posts: 456

    Sounds interesting, but the first part of his ability just sounds like sloppy butcher but not always active

  • a105a105 Member Posts: 33

    give him a doctor type thing with his power like the more fear in the map, more passive effects

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