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Live Q&A Recap | December 18th, 2019

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What is the relation between Rin and Kazan Yamaoka (Spirit and Oni)?

Kazan is Rin’s great, great, great, great, great grandfather. Kazan attracted the Entity through his dark actions and forever cursed the Yamaoka bloodline.

Why did you decide to give Oni his own chase music? Does it mean that Killers will get own chase music from now on?

This is something we’re looking into. We’ve tried it in the past with The Demogorgon and it was well received. We’d also like to consider creating unique chase music for Killers that are updated. The Doctor will be receiving his own unique chase music when he’s updated, for example.

Can we get the Oni power to work like PC? His movement during demon dash is weaker and his flick is non-existent with max sensitivity.

We have tweaked the rotation limitation on the newer hotfix patch, both PC and console should now have the same limitation. Tweaking the sensitivity or remapping the keys should no longer have an impact. The flick has never been an intended behavior in the design in the first place. We have received a lot of feedback on how the flick feels since this change, and we are considering some changes that would make it feel better to use which still maintaining the overall cap.

Oni shouldn’t be able to absorb blood when a survivor is on hook, it’s the same thing as Myers being able to stalk on hook. Will this be changed? It’s a very unfair advantage.

Myers and Oni build their power differently. You only get 2 Blood orbs when hooking a Survivor. A Survivor hook cannot produce Blood Orbs over time. Myers can also stalk a full health survivor from afar, while the Oni needs to hit a Survivor first. We believe the two to be balanced and each one has its pros and cons.

Why does the Oni's power have a build in drain condition while in Demon form? I'm referring to losing a portion of your power when downing a survivor.

This was done in order to limit the slugging aspect of the initial version and have players make a decision about what do to next after downing a survivor. It's also a value that can be used later on to tweak or rebalance the Killer in his future revision.

Are there any perks for Killer or survivor that change the frequency of blood orbs spawning? Like Sloppy Butcher or No Mither, etc.?

We are trying to make perks less impactful on a specific aspect of a Killer`s power (e.g. Slippery Meat only affects hooks and the Trapper’s Bear Traps). Perks are about synergy with your playstyle and what to use to compensate for what a particular Killer power is lacking. A Killer power can quickly get out of hands and become impossible to balance when affected by perks. We deliberately made sure that no perk would affect the Blood Orb spawn rate, only add-ons.

What was the most challenging part of the Oni to create?

The most challenging part was making sure that the Demon mode felt powerful enough to justify charging his power while making sure that Survivor didn’t felt hopeless and cheated when facing the Demon form.

Where did the inspiration for Yui come from? What inspired her aesthetically?

The inspiration came from motorcycle gangs, and wanting to create a character that defied norms and blazed her own path. Yui’s premise was that she doesn’t wait for help, she ‘finds a way’. This is her motto and it was reflected in all her story beats as she goes from scooter racer to worlds class grand prix racer.

How do you feel about Oni's beginning game potential? His power outside of his Blood Fury, where he just chases and tracks with blood orbs, any scrapped ideas on him?

We were not super confided about his M1 Killer instance when no Survivor where injured, because it felt compared to our other Killer designs, he was missing a tool or something to go against survivor.

In the original concept, the Kanabo weapon was available at all time, you could swap between your Katana and the Kanabo but you were only given the extra lunge, not double damage. It was found to be too confusing for the player.

We tried multiple Kanabo attacks in a row, sort of a combo effect, but it was super ineffective against survivor because of the nature of the first-person camera, you would lose track of the survivor really easily.

We also tried to make the absorb effect works on any survivor, no matter what their health status, but it was too similar to the stalking mechanic and was hard to understand what was happening on the Survivor’s side.

Are all Killer perks created to work with that Killer’s ability?

Not necessarily. Perks go through an intensive process before being chosen. We make sure that they don’t clash with a Killer power, and its good if there is some synergy with the Killer, but it’s not required. It is more important for a new perk to have some synergy with other perks or previously released Killers.

What does the process of designing and implementing perks involve?

We start by coming up 10-15 potential perk ideas for both Survivor and Killer. The designers then discuss the perks and review them based on feedback. At this point we send out a survey to the dev team to gauge interest and help us to determine which ones we should go through with. From there, we narrow the list down to decide which perks would be the best fit for the characters and the game as whole. The final three perks (per character) then get prototyped, tested, and tweaked until we are satisfied with them.

How long does it take to create a character and release it?

It can vary from one Killer to the next, but the average time is about five months. The first few months are dedicated towards prototyping the Killer and figuring out how we want their power to work, while the later months are spent fine tuning them and getting them ready for the PTB.

Can you please put the ranks back for survivors?

We have no intention of returning this functionality: We do not want people dodging queues because they see the ranks of the other Survivors. Although we have heard your feedback, players dodging lobbies has a huge effect on the matchmaking system, and we’d like to alleviate some of the matchmaking pains rather than exacerbate them.

The new Kindred change is a fantastic step in the right direction to bring solo queue survivors closer to the level of SWF groups in comms. Are there any more changes/ideas in the works to further address this?

Whenever we do balance changes, one of the questions we ask ourselves is, “How does this affect the SWF/Solo issue?” Things that make the gap worse are less likely to get done, and things that improve it are more likely to get done. It’s not focus per se, rather it is a concern that underpins a lot of our work.

You’ve said you'd try to buff solo survivors to SWF level. With the new Kindred buff you definitely have taken a big step towards that but, why not just make it basekit?

There are a lot of effects that people like a lot and wish were base kit. We hesitate to add something like Kindred as base kit due to the massive amount of information it conveys. While it would help solo players, it would also give a lot of information to coordinated groups as well. We feel Kindred gives far too much information to include it in the game by default.

Why did you change how rank reset works? Now it's just too easy to stay in high ranks.

The previous system was knocking everyone down so far that immediately after the rank reset, anyone could be matched with anyone. We didn’t like the prospect of rank 15 players getting matched with those who were in red ranks the day before. Newer players would be matched with much more experienced opponents, which could sour their experience of the game. Likewise, experienced players would be matched against newer players and have trivially easy matches.

By bumping everyone back one colour range, players are matched with people of a similar skill level. This way, you’ll still slowly drop in rank if you haven’t played a certain role in a while, but your matches should be relatively similar whether you play at the start or the end of a ‘season’.

This also has the benefit of smoothing out some of the rough edges with matchmaking. Previously it was possible to rank up too quickly if you played a lot immediately following a rank reset. This would leave you in an awkward place where the game could not find enough people around your rank to match you with, leading to excessively long queue times.

Why did you nerf Balanced Landing'?

Balanced Landing’s stagger reduction wound up being used by some players in certain scenarios to avoid being caught indefinitely. To combat this, we’ve removed the stagger reduction from the perk while you are exhausted, but as a tradeoff, it will now suppress the groan you would normally make when dropping from a high place. This will allow you to be a little more unpredictable and confuse the Killer, buying you some precious distance.

Why the change to Deep Wounds?

Deep Wounds has been giving us problems for quite some time. When we hit upon a solution that’s not abusable by either Killers or Survivors, we decided to implement it as quickly as possible. As an integral part of The Legion’s power, we needed something sensible that eliminated the possibility of abuse such as “moonwalking” with the version that stopped going down while in a chase. The version that only went down in TR was better, but interacted badly with certain perks and Killers that removed the TR. The only conceivable way we could foresee someone abusing this change would be by sprinting for the rest of the match, which would mean they aren’t doing anything else (generators, for example).

Would you guys consider re-examining Spirit's post-phase speed curve? It currently feels really bad, almost like it's bugged.

There is actually a bug with the Spirit post-phase at the moment. Right now, you will receive a speed boost as expected. However, if you were to lunge while you have this speed boost, you would do a normal lunge attack rather than an extended one like you previously would. This same issue applies to the Wraith’s post uncloak lunge. We’re looking to have this fixed as soon as possible.

Do Kindred and Open-handed still interact like it did before? If it does, has the cap of 24m detection range been removed, or is it still present in the current build?

At the moment, the 24m cap is still there.

Any plans for further Legion updates in the future or are you guys done with Legion for now?

We’ll be watching Legion’s performance after the Deep Wound change and the speed buff they got. We don’t have any plans for the immediate future, we’d like to see what sort of impact this has on gameplay first. So far, there doesn’t appear to be any statistical change in their performance before and after the update.

Why did you guys decide to bring back the hooked survivors taking a free hit for the unhooker?

The gameplay around the hook is something we like to handle very carefully. The Killer being able to hit a hooked Survivor has been re-added to allow for players to use this mechanic while going for an unhook. Putting the hooked Survivor between the Killer and yourself allows you to possibly get a save without being hit, and an otherwise difficult unhook becomes quite possible.

I know you probably get this a lot, but what was the motivation behind the Legion nerf?

It was not meant to be a “Legion nerf”. It was part of a consistency pass on all Killers and their attacks, like we’ve previously done with Killers such as the Pig. We want it to be as clear as possible what counts as a basic attack and what counts as a special attack, and as a result, which perks work with which attacks. This change gives us a solid foundation to build on in the future, which allows us to balance them more easily if need be.

Can you guys give us more info on the Doctor changes? Some descriptions changed and I would really like to hear how the changes are going.

We can’t give you all the details just yet, but we can share a few shocking sneak peeks at what’s to come. Keep in mind that this is an early preview and everything is subject to change before it goes live, and this doesn’t cover every change coming to the Doctor.

For starters, the Doctor’s Static Field is being removed. To the person playing the Doctor, it could feel inconsistent as you could pass right by a Survivor and there’s a chance they wouldn’t scream. To the Survivor, it could feel very oppressive as your madness would constantly be increasing without any interaction with the Killer.

Instead, the Doctor will receive a brand-new Static Blast. This blast will shock the Doctor’s entire terror radius. Any Survivor hit by this blast will scream and instantly go up a full madness tier. This currently has a cooldown of 60 seconds.

Treatment mode has also been completely removed. The Doctor will be able to shock a Survivor and then hit them without needing to change modes.

We’ve also done a pass on his add-ons, including a new Iridescent Queen. This add-on will cause a previously shocked Survivor to shock any other Survivor they pass by.

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