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Somewhat new to DBD, curious about reworked killers

I started playing DBD since October (cuz of Halloween), ended up getting really into this game and enjoying it a ton. I’m curious since I got into this game so late, what killers were reworked before and how did they use to play (also what was the reason they were reworked)? Killers like Freddy and Nurse are some of the ones I see talked about a lot.

I know Freddy as a killer that puts you in the dream world and can pop out of a generator at a moment’s notice, and Nurse uses her blinks and has a fatigue mechanic.

I know Doctor is getting a rework soon. I might pick him up soon so that I get a feel for how he plays now and after his rework comes, get a feel for how he was changed.


  • YaiPaYaiPa Member Posts: 1,929
    edited December 2019

    Freddy was basically a constant joke in the community, since his big nerf he received only two weeks after he came out (leaving him in a horrible state his been since 2017, till the rework). His power was not a power, only an aura reading and a slowdown on actions, and you needed to wait before hitting survivors.

    Nurse was much more adrenaline, as now you just never double blink to scout survivors and you walk very much (before bad nurses who walked a lot were often referred to as "walking nurses")

  • Rareware0192Rareware0192 Member Posts: 336

    That’s what I heard about Freddy. He used to have a more unique playstyle but it wasn’t as effective as it is now. I found a video by Otz that shows the old Freddy and it looks like he manually pulls people into the dream world rather than passively. Overall I’m glad that his rework is a success and I’m excited to try him out at some point. Huntress is just too fun to play atm 😁

    I’m still a little confused about Nurse but that might just be because her playstyle in general is really confusing to me. I did once see a video by Monto playing her and he was just blinking through the ceiling in Gideon Meat Plant to go from the lower level to the upper level and hitting people and it just blew my mind!

    And that’s cool to know about Trapper/Wraith. I didn’t even know about that and can’t imagine how clunky it must’ve felt to take a long time setting traps. I can’t even begin to imagine how playing Wraith without the movement speed increase after uncloaking would be like..

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