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Bug healing position

RyneRyne Member Posts: 3


I was playing with my friends on Dead By Daylight,

I was treated because I was injured and I remained bugged in the position of care. The understanding killer tried to debug me by hitting and knocking me down, but I stayed in that position anyway. And he couldn't take me to hang on to me.

My friends could come and treat me, but I was still bugged. We waited until the end of the game until the timer ended (so I should have been impaled) but, the timer disappeared and I was not impaled.

In order to unlock the killer of a game that could have been infinite, I had to leave the game without having points.

Here is a screenshoot of my bug, as you can see, it is well notified that I am not injured but I am in the position as if I was being treated.



  • DingDongsDingDongs Member Posts: 515

    Can confirmed

    Mine happen but someone else get that bug

  • RyneRyne Member Posts: 3

    It's a first really bug that I have besides the few bugs that I sometimes have when I get hooked (like the hook that is outside my body, but it's just a display bug, it doesn't change anything to gameplay)

  • RyneRyne Member Posts: 3
    edited January 15

    It's January 15, 2020

    I play again at DbD and here is the nice bug that comes back, as before, I had to disconnect if not endless with the killer, it would be nice if this bug was fixed ...

    Thank you

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