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The Tunneling needs to stop.



  • EverflowingRiverEverflowingRiver Member Posts: 562

    For all those saying DBD is not competitive. DBD is a game. According to merriam-webster the definition of a game is "a physical or mental competition conducted according to rules with the participants in direct opposition to each other." It's that simple.

  • ASAPTurtleASAPTurtle Member Posts: 968

    It's not. So much people try to make this game coneptivite bit it's not.

  • ThisLadyRightHereThisLadyRightHere Member Posts: 195

    Sure, people can play how they like. If you feel like you need to play cheap,scummy, sweaty, or ridiculous overkill perks, add ons, and offering all the time just to “win” don’t go complaining when survivors DC against you because you had it coming. Same for survivors if you feel the need to be a complete jerk or “bully” a killer teabagging, flashlight blind at every single pallet, interrupt chase that has nothing to do with you especially when the killer isn’t tunneling just to feel good about yourself and they were play casually. You have no right to complain when you eventually get tunneled.

    I don’t camp or tunnel survivors. It’s unhealthy and cause frustration on both sides. I know the feeling of frustration from that. I feel bad when I completely destroy a team or killer with mins of the game it’s not fun. I’ll literally sacrifice myself for the killer during endgame because they tried their best and played in a non scummy way or I’ll have 3 man on a hook I’ll will literally walk away far as possible so the last guy remaining can unhook them because I don’t wanna to die so early. We haven’t had a chance to earn points or play the game still 5/4 gens left. I can say that’s their fault for being bad at chases or too altruistic instead I hope they’ll understand the generosity that I given them and let them actually play the game make it longer it benefits both sides. I never really received hate messages I’ve always received nice messages from survivors and I have plenty of them. (Thank you, I had a fun time, that game was amazing, thank for being less sweaty) I have a lot of lovely messages from survivors even when I killed them. Very rare I get hate messages, but it’s usually from the #1 A- hole survivor of the game being a douche bag. Usually telling me to kill myself 🙄

    I mainly play SWF when I play survivor, but we all play killer equally. Granted we play different and have arguments on how to play I can definitely say I’m the less sweaty of them all lol. BUT what we do know is not fun going against sweaty, try-hard survivors gens rushing the killers. There are other things to do. You don’t have to strictly just do generators. To us gens are like a second objective depending on the killer (Tunnelers and Camper we just leave or “Gen rush” it not worth our time.) as for casual chilled killers just playing normally we’ll pop 2 or 3, but we’ll do other things afterwards. Search chest, do totem, chase down the killer to do my favorite thing the cha cha slide in the basement 🤗 . Generator doesn’t necessarily have to be your number one priority there are so many things and perk builds to do and try if you put your mind to it. I’m not saying don’t do generators, but every now and then it’s okay to take a break and relax from holding M1or R1. Same for killer it’s okay to not get kills every game. I’m not saying you can’t kill, but you can take a break and not care if everyone escapes. Again try different builds, meme around a little, set fun challenges for yourself if it works you might enjoy it.

    I’m not really complaining about me be tunneling it’s the fact the killer feels the need to just tunnels period to “win” or feel good about themselves.

    I’m always the first survivor found due to OoO which is my favorite perk to running . I don’t understand why killers think it’s “TOXIC” it’s just an aura perk and I like to see what killer you are and where you are. It’s not a “promote you to tunnel me perk.” Which a tunneling killer literally told me. It’s just uncalled for and it completely unnecessary if a certain silly perk bothers you that much. If both sides can stop tic for tac will each other we would have a better community.

    I spent all yesterday being tunneled down into the ground while my other friends were doing generator and got out then killer complains they got “gen rush” and they couldn’t find anyone else even though two other people are literally near by me, never been hook, but you choice the injured person who just got off hook who can run? It got a point were I got the same killer twice they brought an ivory mori to take me out as early as possible and I’m simply just trying to relax and play casual game with my friends.

  • The_Second_ComingThe_Second_Coming Member Posts: 1,110
  • RasinbranRasinbran Member Posts: 240

    If I'm in a good position I kill off the bad players if there are any and extend the game by slugging.

  • DoomsdayDameDoomsdayDame Member Posts: 62

    There is absolutely everything wrong with SWF. 9/10 games I play as killer the 3-4man swf teams are some of the most toxic, bullying ass holes I've ever seen in the game. We often HAVE to camp or tunnel to get a kill and even then that doesnt work because we have 2 body blocking the whole game so I cant even get a hook. They're always cocky, there's always one ass hole with OoO who vaults a window for 20 minutes while not in a chase to distract me and, eventually, make me tunnel them. They're all wearing mics, telling their entire team where I am, where my traps/totems are and where they can get the save. But that's fair? Its already 4 against 1! So I cant tunnel a SWF team or camp after being gen rushed in 5 minuets, or mori a teabagging ass hole, or bring NOED because I'm toxic and I'm a tunnelr and I'm trash? No. SWF broke the game. It was never intended to be a coordinated, teamplay like that. I play both sides equally so dont come for me and be a dick. I've seen a 3man have one guy sacrifice himself and DC on the hook so the team had permanent kindred and could see one another the whole game, you bet I pointed out every single one of those ass holes so the killer had a chance. I've watched 3mans blatantly bully the killer and barely try and play the game.

    Let's stop blaming the killer for everything and take a look at what they have to deal with. It's often that they HAVE to camp or tunnel to get a 1k, let alone a 4. Crying about tunneling is so [BAD WORD]. SO [BAD WORD]. Compared to what people deal with on killer side.

  • DexorfDexorf Member Posts: 1

    Do you know when I will stop camping and "tunneling"? When survivors stop making it the most appealing playstyle by genrushing, and disrespecting killers. If 33% of the time I literally can't walk 20 meters from the hook before somebody is mounting a rescue, do you know what I'll keep doing? I will check the nearest generator, then come back to check the hook, because chances are, someone will be straight away trying to mount a rescue, instead of pressuring distant generators, instead of respecting the killer.

    I don't care for people complaining about a cheap strat that has incredibly simple counterplay on top of a perk that literally saves you from tunneling, which most survivors seem to run. Meanwhile killers have to deal with genrushing SWFs every third game, on top of the fact that matchmaking ALMOST ALWAYS matches you with people that are 5-8 ranks higher than you, and thus can easily loop you if you are an average killer.

    I have 80 hours on the game. I don't have a single good perk yet. I'm barely rank 10.

    Yet I have been playing against purple ranks since I hit rank 15, and now at rank 10 I often see red ranks.

    So here's my TLDR- when the game is no longer hell to play as a mediocre killer, and when survivors stop doing the one thing that feeds tunneling - tunneling will stop or decrease in frequency greatly.

    On a side note, really hilarious to see people in the same post complain about tunneling and then say how SWF is completely fine.

  • jimmy5200jimmy5200 Member Posts: 83

    Well some believe tunneling is a viable strat so it causes a gen rush on the side. But then there’s 3-4 escapes so idk why they feel the need to tunnel. When I play killer I know when I play survivor tunneling is annoying as hell so I try to go after someone else after unhooks and that as it gives the survivors more of a good time even if they all die. I may tunnel if there’s a gen rush as in there’s 3 done in less than 2 minutes so I can slow it down but that’s not often. Maybe someday more people will play similar but I doubt it I guess we just live on with the 5k bloodpoints games

  • ThisLadyRightHereThisLadyRightHere Member Posts: 195

    Mhmm. You totally didn’t read anything I’ve wrote good to know.👌

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 10,959
    edited December 2019

    It is on the devs to make sure the game is balanced and enjoyable, not the players to be obligated to not play in a way the game is not balanced for.

  • KuromiStarwindKuromiStarwind Member Posts: 325
    edited December 2019

    I mean a lot of people camp and tunnel when they don't need to, and they're not going to be reading these forums going "OOOOH" and suddenly stop because you said it has to.

    Depending on the killer, or the map, how good survivors are, if your friendly teammate decided to not make themselves seen so that you don't tunnel the person off the hook, or how fast gens are going, is going to determine whether a killer decides to tunnel you.

    There's already DS and BT, which ironically punish good killers more than they punish people who tunnel or camp.

    If your team is doing the objective quickly while each survivor can loop the killer well enough, at no real fault of the killers, then you can expect the gens to go fast. Now, you'll either have a killer who will tunnel someone out of the game because they need to if they want to win", or you'll have a killer who will just play the game as they normally would, and not tunnel, because that's fun to them.

    I guess my point is, some people are scumbags while other people are simply forced into a specific playstyle because survivors control the pace of a game that shouldn't be in their control.

  • ThisLadyRightHereThisLadyRightHere Member Posts: 195

    I don’t know. I think it’s both a devs and players problem. Players are what makes a game well a gaming experience. The Devs are here to give us a good game, with interesting content, bugs fixes every now and later, and balances certain areas of the game that seem overwhelming.

    They have a problem with either over buff, over nerf or sometimes change something that never need a change. BUT even with all these problems and issues with the game and it unbalanced areas it’s up to us as players on how you use said tools. We choice to make them “META” which causes the game to become annoying, not fun, repetitive, and unbalanced rather than try something new. The only thing we can’t change is MAP RNG if no one brings map offering. There are really bad maps for both killer and survivors.

    Example: I brutally hate ColdWind Farm as Killer especially as Ghostface as I can’t stalk through the corn or see properly which 99% of the time screw me over when I could’ve had that survivor marked and down already to move on to the next person. Imagine if ColdWind was a “Meta” map and If every survivor used a coldwind map offering every single game as Killer depending on who you MAIN this map will become annoying and eventually not fun and sometimes we’ll feel like we need to change our killer to fit this new coldwind trend. Now that every player is playing the exact same perks or killers you have survivors and killers who start complaining “THE KILLER IS OP, SURVIVOR SIDED, AND UNFAIR, NOT FUN” because they are getting the same thing over and over again. It was us as players that made it that way because we keep picking tools that weren’t meant to be over used it was just there as an option. If people tried something new every now and then I feel there would be some differences in gameplay.

  • The_Second_ComingThe_Second_Coming Member Posts: 1,110

    I read literally the first line. "I think it's both a devs and players problem". No, it's devs, and only devs. It's unreasonable to tell players not to use the most effective strategy to ensure victory in a game where the goal is to win by killing/surviving. Period.

  • EverflowingRiverEverflowingRiver Member Posts: 562

    I read your whole post but wish I hadn't. The first paragraph alone is problematic. Saying survivors can DC because killer tries hard is ridiculous.

  • ThisLadyRightHereThisLadyRightHere Member Posts: 195

    But where is this victory sign? Who said that if you don’t kill anyone you lost? Who said if you kill everyone you win? Who said if you died you lost? Who said if you escape you win? Again where is the “VICTORY” sign at? You’re making this a competitive when it’s really not. Just because it’s a PVP doesn’t mean there’s always a “VICTORY” at the end. I say it a good game when everyone made 28k Bloodpoints without farming.

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 10,959

    Blame the devs for making annoying, not fun, repetitive, and unbalanced strats viable.

  • xenofon13xenofon13 Member Posts: 1,241

    They can't stop comms because it's a third party.

    They can't stop SWF because the game will die the next day.

    "Gen rush" is when the survivors doing the only objective they have?

  • The_Second_ComingThe_Second_Coming Member Posts: 1,110

    It's not a competitive game. It's a PVP game. In PVP, there are winners, and there are losers. Casual games can have winners and losers. Everyones idea of victory in DBD is different.

    BHVR considers victory "2 kills". Except, even their idea is fundamentally flawed because you can't level up with 2 kills. I consider victory at least 3 kills. Others consider victory a pip; whatever the case, if someone kills all 4 survivors, there's no doubting they won that game.

  • ThisLadyRightHereThisLadyRightHere Member Posts: 195

    I said “If you feel like you need to play cheap,scummy, sweaty, or ridiculous overkill perks, add ons, and offering all the time just to “win” don’t go complaining when survivors DC against you because you had it coming. Same for survivors if you feel the need to be a complete jerk or “bully” a killer teabagging, flashlight blind at every single pallet, interrupt chase that has nothing to do with you especially when the killer isn’t tunneling just to feel good about yourself.”

    This went both ways not just survivors.

  • GHOSTfaceP3GHOSTfaceP3 Member Posts: 1,252

    sometimes you have to tunnel as killer lol I play survivor and killer 50/50 so I do understand how annoying it can be but if I only have 1-2 gens still up and 4 survivors alive still I’m going to tunnel

  • ThisLadyRightHereThisLadyRightHere Member Posts: 195

    So blame the Devs for something we think is only viable options when there are so much, so many options out there for us? Okay.

  • The_Second_ComingThe_Second_Coming Member Posts: 1,110

    It's a game where one killer needs to kill 4 survivors. Tunneling the weakest link will ALWAYS be viable.

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 10,959
    edited December 2019

    Yep. If the more fun options were more viable, then more people would follow those options.

    Post edited by TAG on
  • ThisLadyRightHereThisLadyRightHere Member Posts: 195

    I said “If you feel like you need to play cheap,scummy, sweaty, or ridiculous overkill perks, add ons, and offering all the time just to “win” don’t go complaining when survivors DC against you because you had it coming. Same for survivors if you feel the need to be a complete jerk or “bully” a killer teabagging, flashlight blind at every single pallet, interrupt chase that has nothing to do with you especially when the killer isn’t tunneling just to feel good about yourself“

    This went both ways not just survivors only.

  • EverflowingRiverEverflowingRiver Member Posts: 562

    I know you said it goes both ways, and it does. Both sides are at fault. But if I had to pick a side that DC more because they don't like the conditions of the game, I'd say it would be survivors.

  • WhTe_Tygre_DBDWhTe_Tygre_DBD Member Posts: 295

    Decisive strike : Am I a joke to you?

  • ThisLadyRightHereThisLadyRightHere Member Posts: 195

    Of course, and I’m not said it’s right, but as of the games current state killers that do said above should not complain when someone leaves their game.

  • GamerCustardGamerCustard Member Posts: 59

    Ok, I'm going to leave my perspective as a surv main, and someone who often partakes in a SWF group..

    Now, by all means, I don't approve of camping and tunneling, however the latter is circumstantial and the former in which I would excuse it hasn't happened to me or anyone I've played with personally in a match.

    I can see many understandable reasons behind why someone would "tunnel", (such as, unhooker long gone/only followable thing is a blood trail) but I find it completely unacceptable when the killer actively avoids the rescuer, injured or not, to chase down the unhooked survivor even if they are being shielded by a rescuer.. which believe it or not has happened quite a bit (I'm mostly a purple rank survivor).

    As for camping.. is a different story.. like I said, it hasn't happened to me personally, but the only circumstance that I can think of at all would be to camp the overly toxic survivor that's been griefing the killer the whole round unnecessarily (no reason flashlight, forcing into chases, abusing loops for no reason but to abuse killer) because I feel like it's a perfect vent of frustration and revenge for the killer. I don't enjoy being camped for any reason otherwise (e.g. I was in a swf game when my friend was funneled and face camped right from the beginning of the game just so they could activate Dying Light - we got them hook once but the killer went straight for them again, never stood a chance) and I honestly feel like that can't be fun for either side? Like, where's the fun in just waiting for someone to maybe rescue if they haven't caught on that you're camping..?(please correct me if I'm wrong though..)

    Now.. onto SWF.. I don't think SWF is a problem, so long as the people in it aren't doing it with the intention of just [BAD WORD] over the killers they go against, (4x flashlight and such toxicity) but instead just out to play with friends and chill whilst trying to escape death.. My group does this, (not that I have any other examples I guess..) we go in to survive as best we can and most of the time only 1 or 2 of us get out(That's out of all 4 survivors, we can only rarely get a gang of 4 friends together now..) cause really the only time we use comms in relation to gameplay is to confirm if one of us is in a chase/killer identity.. aside it's usually just us joking around or talking about stuff.. but we don't do toxic [BAD WORD] like I've heard a lot of SWF groups do.. cause i honestly enjoy playing with people and having the company, not go around abusing the killer ://

    Uh.. Gen rushing? I kinda don't see a fault with it in the sense that survivors don't really have any other objectives aside from cleanse totems - which a lot if people are only prompted to do if there's a ruin or such out there.. Most of the time, I don't realise a gen rush is happening until a few gens pop at the same time. But once again, there's little else for the survivors to do, and I personally don't want to hunt down the killer just for a chase cause I'm.. very bad at chases most of the time.. The only thing I can say really, is to give survivors multiple objectives to avoid gen rushing cause the way I see it is that even by decreasing gen repair speed, the rushes will still happen if the killer isn't coming across anyone.. it'd still be a gen rush, but just at a different pace.. So i cant really agree on the basis of stopping people from gen rushing since all it is is people completing their set objective at a quicker pace than normal..(though I do see the problem with x4 toolbox + spare part set, but again.. that's more a toxic SWF group)

    I'm sorry if I got anything wrong..

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