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The Tunneling needs to stop.



  • NoShinyPonyNoShinyPony Member Posts: 4,570

    There are many things that help against getting tunneled: BT, DS, insta-heals, teammates who can tank hits...

    While DbD is not e-sports, it's PvP and therefore competitive. No side is obligated to play soft/generously so the opponent has better chances at winning.

    Btw, a lot of killers who don't tunnel & camp get still teabagged at the exit gates and insulted in the after-game chat as a "thank you for playing nice". So since so many survivors obviously don't appreciate it when the killers play generously, it's a logical consequence that killers stop playing that way.

  • DoomsdayDameDoomsdayDame Member Posts: 62

    Yeah but I did. I absolutely did. And I disagree with your thinking and lack of logic. I'm assuming you've not played killer more than a handful of times because if you had youd completely understand what was wrong with SWF. The rest of the community sees it, it's just a select -special- few who dont.

  • ThisLadyRightHereThisLadyRightHere Member Posts: 195

    I play killer and survivor equally and there are different types of SWF.

    There’s nothing wrong with SWF it’s the type of SWF that you get in your game when you are playing killer like I said if you bother to look. I’ve gotta different types of SWF, Tryhards, Babies, Memers, Casual, Farmers, Etc ETC. I can go on.

    Maybe If you played a little less sweaty maybe you’ll see the different SWF every now and then and won’t come to the conclusion every SWF is broken sweaty 4 toolboxes, rainbow map and key team. Some SWF don’t even use comms.

  • 28_stabs28_stabs Member Posts: 1,474

    Xmas is tunnel time. I cant help it.

  • JC316JC316 Member Posts: 693

    Most of the time, SWF play stupid. They will follow you around, unhook people right in front you of, and try every cheesy move in the game. Usually these people are the ones that cry about tunneling and camping in the chat if you crush them, or try to get a rise out of you if they win.

    I have encountered the ones that are trying to teach their friends how to play and I try to play as fair as possible in those situations.

  • yoiyoi Member Posts: 338

    survivors are toxic the killer will play toxic as a response. not because u did but maybe becasue others did, the toxicity in this game is so big that every side will play as toxcc as they can. embrace what u created survivors.

  • DoomsdayDameDoomsdayDame Member Posts: 62

    Dude, I play on PS4. All SWFs are sweaty try hards with meta and broken ass items. I also play both sides equally, and, for the last time, I did read your whole post, maybe you're not reading all of mine before you pop off? The majority of the community sees that SWF is broken and you're lieing straight out of your mouth if you're gonna tell me that you play killer at all and that SWF isnt broken. Even the devs have admitted that its a problem and that gens are going too fast, but aparentally killers will just always be the problem.

    But if you insist of arguing you can have the last word you need so bad, I dont try and discuss the game with people who refuse to get it lol

  • NMCKENMCKE Member Posts: 8,051

    Going by this definition of Tunneling:

    • You target one player until they are dead.

    I feel like a lot of players don't take into account how awful it feels to be on the receiving end. Being on the receiving end sucks because you literally can't do anything due to how vulnerable you are. The killer will just down you and rinse/repeat until you are sacrificed.

    Therefore, I understand the survivor point of view, but there is a perk to stop this, that perk being Decisive Strike. If the killer slugs you, that should be enough time to get picked back up by a teammate. 😁🤗

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