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New survivor teachable ideas

Hi guys,

I wrote these perk ideas originally in the "IF YOU WERE A SURVIVOR, WHAT WOULD YOUR PERKS BE?" discussion, thought I'd share them with some further comments.

Handyman - The hours of DIY work taught you this and that. Repair great skill check success zones are 10/20/30% wider. Cleansing a totem gives you a token up to 4 tokens. For each token, you get a 5% stack-able repair speed bonus when repairing a generator alone. "I can do anything by myself, just let me handle it."

(Here I could also imagine, that the generator repair speed itself is untouched, but there is some extra bonus for hitting the great skill checks.)

Not today - You do your best under extreme pressure. When you became injured in a chase, your speed boost lasts 1 second longer. Also, you leave no scratch marks after becoming injured for 2/3/4 seconds. Causes the Exhausted status effect. Speed boost extra does not trigger when exhausted. "Dying here is not an option for me. Not today at least."

(Here, I'm not sure if the extra speed boost should depend on non-Exhausted status, or ignore it, but cause it - should be matter of further ideation and/or research.)

Robust work - Your work was always hard to mess up. When a generator you repaired before enters regression the first time after your repair, the maximum amount of regression will be 30/20/10%. "Don't you dare ruin my work"

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