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A new mode for the RP side of the community

I'm a YouTuber that does DBD Rp and I'm friends with some pretty popular DBD roleplayers as well like Dem Roleplays Tho and whenever we get an update that forces us to edit our storyline a bit it gets annoying. I know if this were to happen it would take a long time but I'd love it if in custom game we could revert to old settings (like pre endgame or certain killer powers) and have a less buggy ability for the multi killer glitch and maybe more people to play survivor at once? Or we could have an entirely new mode for those that would like do do this so you don't have to screw custom game over. As I said this would probably take a while and would probably break the game until all bugs are patched up between this and normal/custom mode but I'd like for you to look at all aspects of the DBD community and not just the normal players. If you do read this and think about this BHVR then thank you so much for actually caring about the RP community and how downhill it's going to get with future changes to the game. Thank you.


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