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TheNerdyRockstarTheNerdyRockstar Member Posts: 61
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im currently rank 8 and im teetering between rank 8 and 9 because im constantly getting either teammates/killlers way above me (red ranks, which if i die to them and lose a pip thats totally fine its just a bit aggravating playing against people so much better than me) or im getting teammates/killers way below me (like 16-20 where the killer is fine but the teammates are the reason i die most of the time)

I can usually do fine against the low rank killers but if i do happen to get hooked most of the time my teammates will crouch walk across THE ENTIRE MAP to come get me so i go into struggle (if they manage to save me at all) or theyll run away from me when i need healing or theyll spend half the game in a locker or theyll DC because theyre getting chased (i have several of each of these instances recorded)

Like straight up i just played a game, I am rank 8, all 3 of my teammates and the killer are rank 16, one of the survivors player name was "I DC if you look at me" and she literally DC'd the first time she got chased. another one literally hid in a locker while i was injured and the last survivor was on a hook (while killer was proxy camping) and when they finally came out they RAN AWAY TO DO A GEN. so i save the hooked dude and the killer tunnels them and gets them back on the hook. I run to the bill (locker boy) and he blows up his generator to RUN AWAAY FROM ME AND I HAVE TO CHASE THIS MAN DOWN FOR HEALS SO I CAN SAFELY SAVE OUR TEAMMATE and the second we hear a heartbeat he stops healing and crouchwalks away (we are behind a wall on the edge of the map)

every other game I have teammates like this can we pleeeeeeeeease do something about this matchmaking, cause I genuinely get shocked when I have rank appropriate people in my match and I feel like thats not how Im supposed to feel

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