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Does anyone think the hags trap have to much range?

Halloween2005Halloween2005 Member Posts: 73

When I play survivor the hags traps seem almost impossible to avoid. They have a huge radius and they are easily sprung from a good distance. I almost want to say the hag needs a nerd on her traps.


  • KaelumKaelum Member Posts: 960

    Her addons can increase the radius of activation, but beyond a certain amount it is a waste. She can stack them for a trip range of ~6m, but it’s a complete waste, as she’ll never get a hit at that range. As for the distance she can teleport being 40m, that should probably be increased to 48m. She’s a 110% killer, so it’s not very difficult to run to a safe area. She has many counters, just learn them.

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