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Killer Perk Issue

Survivors and Killers all come with perks which all other survivors and killers can use. But there is a huge issue I find with perks in this game

As a survivor, you don't have to rely on perks to win. Just start a match, do 5 gens and leave. Or you'll see other survivors doing these silly builds such as instant unhook build or a hook sabotage build.

But as a killer, you literally HAVE to have Hex: Ruin or you will never EVER win. Killers shouldn't be forced to use a certain perk just to win a game. Every survivor and killer should have a chance of winning whether they run 0 perks or 4 perks. It's just so unfair

I just got demogorgon today and I can't even level him up because I don't have ruin, and without ruin I get gen rushed (I had a game where they did 5 gens in 2 minutes) and I get no points so I'm forced to not play him or else I will never level him up. Why spend my money on a killer if I can't even play him because I need 300,000 bloodpoints to do 1 bloodweb. As any survivor, you can literally get 15-20K points per game with no effort. Just hold click, press spacebar here and there and boom 15K points

Please make it possible for killers to win without having extremely crutch perks. I can't even have fun because everybody just instantly pops 5 gens


  • LordRegalLordRegal Member Posts: 479

    I disagree with the foundation of your premise: I have won many times as killer in purple/red ranks without ruin. You need to apply more pressure early to do well without it, but it’s 100% not required to win. If it were, you wouldn’t see anyone with an adept achievement that wasn’t the original 3 (due to different requirements) and Hag.

  • PonchoPabloPonchoPablo Member Posts: 1

    I agree with this statement. I'm in low ranks (14-10) but I do have Hex: Ruin as a teachable perk. I don't have it for every killer, especially the ones I enjoy(demo, ghost face, wraith) but I can still stall out the game. It's all about how you apply pressure and how you loop the tiles. Of course you'll have those games where the gens get rushed in the first 3-5 min but I always feel like I can atleaest pip without Ruin.

  • Yes, it is possible to win without ruin. But it is a very difficult challenge. As a previous rank 4 killer (rank 10 at the moment) I find it that a killer at least NEEDS 1 perk to win. Can you imagine going against a really good team without ruin at rank 1, much less 0 perks? That'd be impossible to win, even as wraith. Just get 3 friends to do a rank 1 no perk challenge, and they'll still win. Because survive with friends is overpowered since everybody can be so well coordinated. Body block, decisive, flashlights, hook sabo. It's stupidly hard to win against that. Added to that, the removal of matchmaking makes it worse. I had a game with 3 rank 1's and they gen rushed like it was nobody's business. I got 1 kill that game, why? Cause I didn't have ruin to stop gen progress

  • kcwolf1975kcwolf1975 Member Posts: 500

    You can keep leveling up demo without actually playing him. Just earn your bloodpoints with one of your other killers (that does have ruin). I earned most of my points with leatherface and the shape because I got BBQ on them early.

  • PistolTimbPistolTimb Member Posts: 1,414

    Ruin isn't a necessity but it's the only perk that can stop 3 gens from popping after a single chase. Tracking and slugging perks are much more effective than Hex ruin could ever be. I'd say corrupt intervention is a much better choice for some killers.

  • Brucecastro81Brucecastro81 Member Posts: 1,365

    Is this what people call, jebaited?

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