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Map Design

Ok so first off, all of my posts on this forum are gonna be complaints at how survivor sided this game is. And as a rank 10 partial survivor main myself I 100% agree with this.

I just played a match as the demogoogie and this boosted ass meg (fractured cowshed was the map btw) went to the very corner of the map and threw down (and I counted) 17 pallets. As big as that map is, and 1 tiny corner had 17 pallets. She instantly threw them, I shredded threw them but by the time I could catch up to her, another pallet.

Then I get head on'd by a jane (which isn't the problem) but in the time it took me to break 17 pallets (literally like half a minute) they did 3 whole generators... and like my previous post said, it's because I didn't have ruin.

Ruin is so essential because you have these bullshit survivor sided maps that they just have infinite pallets on and the killer has no chance of winning a chase and not having 5 generators done in the time without ruin. And then when the exit gates popped CAPOW noed gone. And then when I let only survivor I got on the hook go, they say "killer complaining even though he has noed"

So your saying that YOU could complain with your 200 pallets but I cant complain when I have a COUNTERABLE perk that you countered IMMEDIATLY after it was activated? What's the counter to a pallet that's being looped, break it? NO YOU CANT.

What's the counter to head on? Destroy it? You CANT.

Dev 1: We'll add a perk where if you hit a good skillcheck you regress by 5% but if you hit a great skillcheck you get no progression.

Dev 2: So... what's the counter?

Dev: Breaking it

Dev 1: We'll add a perk where a survivor can get this giant sprint burst and only have to wait a few seconds to do it again so they can simultaneously get away from the killer

Dev 2: So what's the counter?

Dev 1: Oh, it's a survivor perk, there is no counter to it.


Come on devs, make the game BALANCED not 100% survivor sided. This meg threw down EVERY pallet she came across as soon as I got there and they still did 3 generators in that time, not to mention I have the shred attack on demogoogie. BRUH


  • WaffleyumboyWaffleyumboy Member Posts: 4,731

    Yes maps are problematic but it's going to take years to fix them. You can either enjoy the game until then or cry.

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