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GENERAL SURVIVOR GUIDE (from my experience at rank 1)

FeBLeSsFeBLeSs Member Posts: 15

These are not killer-specific. They are just basic knowledge that applies when facing all killers.

I'm writing this because I noticed pretty much 99% of all NA red ranks don't do this.

  1. When there is hex: ruin, not everyone should be wandering around looking for the totem. Instead learn how to hit Great on skill checks. (Skill Check Simulator Link) You should at least hit 9 out of 10.
  2. It's also important to know where totems generally appear, so I'd recommend using "Small Game" perk and spend a few games learning where they spawn. It's a good practice when none of the teammates know how to run gens with hex: ruin.
  3. Learn the shapes of zones. (I call it a zone, where there are always window(s) and usually a pallet. If there is only pallet between two rocks or trucks without windows, I don't refer them as zones. They are more like obstacles.)
  4. When you are the aggro and looping, you should save the pallet as the last resort. (I've seen red rank survivors run to the "zone" and literally waits until the killer comes from enough distance. And wastes pallet right away...) Remember, pallet = one survivor's life (not dying state, not injured, I mean death).
  5. After you loop and the killer starts to stack Bloodlust, you decided to use the pallet and remove the killer's bloodlust. But then you realize you are going to get a hit and able to stun the killer with the pallet. This case, do NOT drop the pallet. It will simply be a waste. That default 2 seconds stun is not worth a survivor's life. Just think in your head, "I saved a pallet by getting a hit."
  6. When you are running a generator and you start to hear a heartbeat (killer's terror radius), you shouldn't just run away or hide. Because if someone was taking the first aggro (which most cases you wouldn't know), you just wasted time. Have a mindset of "I'm just going to run gens, and if I see the killer coming towards me, I'll just take the aggro." This way you can practice looping as well. If not, you saved time.
  7. This could be very basic, but learn how to look back while running towards zones or obstacles.
  8. The duration on the hook is 120 seconds. That means the rest of survivors has 60 seconds until hooked survivor enters the next phase (struggle or sacrifice). Please do NOT save the survivor right after they are hooked. You are literally shortening all survivors' time limit. With one exception, if another survivor is taking aggro or about to be dying state, then DO save. You do not want 2 survivors on the hook at the same time.
  9. IF YOU'RE NOT TAKING AGGRO AND IF YOU ARE NOT SAVING ANYONE, THEN RUN GENERATORS. "Gen Rush" should not even be a term. That's just how it "should've" been. "Saving anyone" also includes healing survivors on dying state. This is the #1 importance.
  10. When you become a dying state, and the killer decides to take care of another survivor that was acting annoying and eager to take aggro, please RECOVER instead of moving away. Survivors who are running generators are not willing to sacrifice the time that could be used to run gens on a dying state survivor who hasn't recovered at all. It's wasting both of their time, in worst case, wasting all survivors' time. Then the survivor on the aggro did all the looping for nothing. Broken pallets for nothing.
  11. Remember, pallets are a limited valuable resource. Once it's used and broken, there is no turning back. Save them and use them wisely.
  12. If the killer camps, and you know the killer is camping, just run generators. Let them kill the hooked survivor, because that is all that killer is going to get. You "blame" the killer for camping and how toxic it is (it isn't toxic, it's just a worst tactic) but you go and try to save anyways and both of you die. That's what the campers want. So don't. Unless you have "Borrowed Time".
  13. Generally you would want to have 2.5 generators left, when 3 survivors are left. If you have 2 or less left, survivors have more time. When there are 3 or more, the killer has more time (possibly all kills).
  14. If you want to sabotage, save the gauge at 99% and when the killer approaches to that hook, then break it. (I've also seen survivors with rank 1 didn't do this and hooks eventually regenerated and was waste of time.)
  15. This might sound weird, but playing killers yourself actually helps you improve on playing survivors. Because the more you play killers, the more you realize their weaknesses. And when you play survivors you can take advantage of those weaknesses. You can also think what killers are thinking during looping. This actually helps a lot.

There are way more depth to this game than you think and I've seen plenty of red ranks don't do these or simply don't know these. And due to the developer's patch, more unskilled players will be in red rank since new season doesn't lower ranks as much now.

I understand this is an English users' website, but this Korean streamer is pretty much faker in LoL. He played over 6400 hours and helped me understand pretty much every basic, including looping, and the idea of "one pallet = one survivor's life", and so much more.

Check him out if you're interested. (Link to Sal_Gu Twitch)

He spent 46 seconds with one pallet. (Link to Video)

I hope every survivor can have more fun looping and taking aggro as well as rescuing and running gens!

Cheers and thanks for reading this lengthy post.

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