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Stuck in permanent carrying a survivor mode.

EvraEvra Member Posts: 12

Platform: PC/Steam

Description of the issue: As Plague, was chasing a character. As I pressed M1 to down him, he went into the "sabotage hook" animation on a nearby hook. Instead of hitting him, I grabbed him and threw him onto my shoulder. However, once he was on my shoulder, I could not hook him on any of the hooks. It would go into the hooking animation and then it would rubberband me back to the hook with him still on my shoulder. I also could not drop him. I had a survivor stun me and didn't drop him either. According to him after the match was over, he was never on my shoulder, he sabotaged the hook and he said I swung and missed. He ran around continuing to finish generators, and escaped through the exit gate. On my screen, I was carrying him around on my shoulder the entire rest of the match.

How often: Only once.

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