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What Killer and or survivor deserves to leave the fog

Mak0Mak0 Member Posts: 250

Title. Seeing as we dont know how long some of the older survivors have been in the fog unless we're going by real world time in that case meg jake and claudette and dwight would be the oldest survivors along with Trapper Hillbilly and wraith being the oldest killers I think

Clauddete and the spirit


  • humanbeing1704humanbeing1704 Member Posts: 6,728

    Jake and the wraith to be honest

  • FriendlyGuyFriendlyGuy Member Posts: 2,768

    Kate and Nurse deserve to escape. Totally not because i main both.

  • OldManGloomOldManGloom Member Posts: 51

    Jeff and Huntress.

  • howaboutnohowaboutno Member Posts: 5

    Susie and blendette

    Susie was brought against her will and she never wanted to kill the only reason she's here is because of Frank and plus she probably got tortured since evean didn't wanna kill and he got tortured she never deserved it so meh

    Blendette because I bet her family misses her and she could be a help to people with new diseases and so nobody has to suffer [BAD WORD] find trying to find her in the corn and on yamoka estate

  • thrawn3054thrawn3054 Member Posts: 5,043
    edited December 2019

    If you mean who has earned the right to escape the entity. I'd say Claudette and Wraith. Claudette has always been my favorite survivor. I've just always had a soft spot for her. Wraith is a tragic killer and I feel he deserves to find some peace. In Wraith's case I could sub in pretty much any of the other tragic killers though.

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  • Tr0gTr0g Member Posts: 241

    Nurse cause she's in constant pain. Ash because Ash always defeats evil.

  • PistolTimbPistolTimb Member Posts: 1,414

    Wraith and Jeff


    The oldest characters in the entity's realm are the trapper and Claudette so I'm going with those 2

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 12,030

    Survivor - Most of them?

    Killer - Either Spirit or Plague (assuming she gets cured of her disease)

  • HeroiqHeroiq Member Posts: 1,134

    julie, susie, joey, and frank.

    these 4 are a mistake is DBD's history and a shame. remove them asap.

  • ZephinismZephinism Member Posts: 326

    Wraith and Ace

  • HellDescentHellDescent Member Posts: 4,505

    Trapper and Laurie

  • Dwight_FairfieldDwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 5,581
    edited December 2019

    Dwight because he had a tough down trodden kind of life before he was thrust into the Entity's realm, and deserves a break.

    Wraith because he's got a very tragic backstory, how he was unknowingly made to participate in murdering people.

  • Hag.is.DtierHag.is.Dtier Member Posts: 1,398

    Trapper and Kate

  • tak47888tak47888 Member Posts: 96

    Ace and the Huntress

  • TohmoTohmo Member Posts: 247

    Bill, he's had enough tbh :(

    as for Killer, probably Wraith.

  • Seltas0208Seltas0208 Member Posts: 1,056

    Of a killer was to be released they'd probably be released in their current state so... Non of them, their minds are too far gone to not be brought back into society.

    As for survivors I'd say Adam, because he's Adam and I think he may or may not have saved/tried to save people in that train crash but I'm not sure

  • camgaming_dbdcamgaming_dbd Member Posts: 191

    Legion and claudette

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