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Prestige 3 idea - To stop the exponentially growing Bloodpoints grind

CrazyChicken_DKCrazyChicken_DK Member Posts: 35
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How about Prestige 3 level 50. Gives that killer/survivor all available perks.

Meaning all perk that is unlocked through teachable or shrine.


The BP grind for perks, is getting tooo high.

As of now. It takes around 10.000.000 BP from 0 to P3 level 50 all perks. For killers. And 10.700.000 BP for survivors.

I get around 25 BP pr. sec. in a match. A match is from first movement. To black screen just before score screen.

Waiting in lobby and reading score screen ex. is not calculated into the 25 BP pr. sec.

Survivor 20 characters 74 perks:

From 0 to P3 all perks takes 119 hours. On one survivors.

2.377 hours for all survivors.

From 0 to P3 level 50 cost 6.300.000 BP and takes 70 hours.

1.260 hours for all.

From 0 to P0 all perks cost 6.000.000 BP and takes 67 hours.

1.340 hours for all.

Killer 18 characters 66 perks:

From 0 to P3 all perks takes 111 hours. On one killer.

2.222 hours for all Killers.

From 0 to P3 level 50 cost 6.300.000 BP and takes 70 hours.

1.260 hours for all.

From 0 to P0 all perks cost 5.400.000 BP and takes 60 hours.

1.200 hours for all.

4.600 hours

For all survivors and killer to P3 all perk.

How many % of the players, has that many hours in game?

With 8 new characters and 24 new perks each year. And no change in perks BP cost. Will that number raise 1.500 hours at least every year from now.

How many has played 1.500 hours in game this year?

By giving Prestige 3 characters all available perks. Will the numbers of hours played in game. Stay at the same hours per character. So people only have to play at least 600 hours every year. To unlock P3 level 50. on all new survivors and killers. In the future.

Instead of 1.500 and raising hours per year. Which is at least 4 hours in game. every single day of the year.

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  • scorpioscorpio Member Posts: 277

    They need to do something. This or something else. The grind is unbearable in this game. I cannot imagine getting this game right now and trying to start from scratch. This is why I haven't gotten the game on PS4 or Switch either, because we have no cross-save and I definitely do not want to have to start that grind over after spending over $100 on a game I already have on PC.

  • CrazyChicken_DKCrazyChicken_DK Member Posts: 35
    edited December 2019

    Made a graph. Looking forward into BP grinds.

    In year 2022. Shall new players. Play the game in matches 24/7, for a whole year. Never using any time in lobby or buying outfits in store. To have all characters at P3 with all perks.

    Where my suggestion will keep it down to 130 days, in match grinding. And not raising the numbers exponentially. To a point, Where it's impossible to play the hours of grinds. This game requires.

    Your Perks per Bloodweb change. Only set the Bloodpoints needed back a year. So we are now at the same requirement for bloodpoints. As last year.

    How will this benefits you BHVR?

    I will only buy outfits for characters I play. And I do not play characters below Prestige 3

  • emyungemyung Member Posts: 128

    The problem is once you max out all killers and survivors there is not much to aim for... so if they cut out any "reward" for playing the game, it will kill the playerbase.

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