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[Dutch] Translations.

TheDutchOneTheDutchOne Member Posts: 1
edited December 2019 in Localization

Hi. I am a native dutchman and i have some issues with the Dutch translations.

Most of the translations are technically correct. However there is often better equivalents. Sometimes they're just plain wrong. Sometimes they're correct but sound very weird.

I will list examples:

Word: Ready

Translated as: Klaar

Suggested: Gereed, to me klaar requires a sentence, otherwise it sounds weird

Word: Wiggle

Translated as: Kronkelen

Suggested: Tegenstribbelen. The player character is resisting the killers grip. Kronkelen is technically correct but tegenstribbelen really describes the act in a better way.

Word: Batham playground

Translated as: Batham peuterspeelzaal

Suggested: a playground is a speeltuin in dutch as far as i know.

Word: i assume hunt

Translated as: bejagen

Suggested: bejagen sounds very archaic to me. Jagen op would be better in my opinion

Word: ranked

Translated as: ranked

Suggested: Competitief. i get some words like tutorial and match do not really have a dutch equivalent, or do not have to be translated as they're sort of loanwords, but ranked is not amongst those.

Word: Configurations i assume

Translated as: Configuraties

Suggested: There is a much simpler word: Instellingen (settings)

Word: perks

Translated as: leerbonussen

Suggested: Leerbonus sounds weird to me. I think that the concept is more like a skill (e.g self-care gives you the skill of healing yourself). Vaardigheid (pl vaardigheden) fits more.

Word: Info character

Translated as: Personage-info

Suggested: Info over personage sounds better to me

Word: ?

Translated as: huidige

Suggested: The sentence: Je nieuwe rang wordt bepaald door je huidige rangvoortgang als de reset plaatsvindt. Huidige indicates a present (not tense). It is however not a present. It might not be wrong but it sounds weird. I propose: je nieuwe rang wordt bepaald door je rangvoortgang op het moment van de reset/tijdens de reset/wanneer de reset plaatsvindt/als de reset plaatsvindt.

These are all my opinions. Most of what i wrote down is not neccesarily wrong, but there is grammar mistakes present aswell. If i find more i will write them down. (i know there is more as i've seen them before.).

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