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Can't hit survivors while they are unhooking a survivor.

This has occurred several times today. I lunge at them both or I have swung into them both and the unhooking survivor continues to unhitch the hooked survivor and proceed to both run away while I am in killer attack stun.

This has occurred several times today!


  • KamikaziKamikazi Member Posts: 107

    This bug is unnerving!

    I found the ONLY work around is to WAIT for the survivor to finish unhooking the hooked survivor, THEN intentionally target the unhooked survivor for an instant downed dieing state, then chase the unhooker.

    It seems that other players have mentioned that we are supposed to be able to grab the unhooker by way of interupt, but they also state that it is bugged cause the interupt gets 'cancelled' 1 second into the interrupt action.

    This bug is causing the survivors to know their new found bugged powers and all mass up to unhook a survivor... they are behaving oddly.

  • KamikaziKamikazi Member Posts: 107

    This bug of not being able to hit a survivor while they are unhooking seemed to get fixed, then suddenly reverted its changes again recently. Whats going on? Are devs fixing things while another dev undoes the fixes to benefit themselves over the game?

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