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Rusty Shackles gives no teleport animation

SkankleSkankle Member Posts: 31

Platform: PC

Description: Hag's Rusty Shackles add on doesn't play the trap trigger animation on teleport like it used to - she just appears immediately. It's kinda funny but it looks really odd.

Screenshot / Video: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/523965541?t=3h32m37s You can see it clearly here when the streamer gets grabbed off the gen.

Steps to reproduce: Equip Rusty Shackles on Hag

Expected result: Normally the trap trigger animation of the Hag bursting out the ground plays when you teleport with this add on (It's worth saying that it is just a visual animation, there's no delay on your interaction due to it).

Actual result: You literally just appear

Reproduction rate: 100%


  • Redhawk_uk2Redhawk_uk2 Member Posts: 50

    It is also happening on the ps4 version. You will literally be hit by an invisible Hag as the animation just isnt playing for a couple seconds after she teleports to a rusty shackle trap.

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