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Should there be AFK crows for non-contributors?

anarchy753anarchy753 Member Posts: 2,291

Just had a match with a filthy little Blendette who sat in corners the entire game. She left 2 of use to die on our first hooks, (while the killer was completely, obviously occupied) didn't touch a generator all match, and then when it came down to her and one other person just walked around the map looking for the hatch while the other person got chased for 5+ minutes straight. And somehow this garbage player is in red ranks.

So honestly, should an absolute non-contributor like this get AFK crows? Yes, she walked a certain distance, but she's actively ruining the game for her team expecting them to do all the work for her. Would it hurt the game in any way to have a requirement to touch a gen/totem/chest or interact with any other player on the map in a meaningful way at least once in a 2 minute window?


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